Thursday, 25 June 2009

It's a taste sensation!

I will warn you in advance, this is a LONG post!

Last Friday I went down to London for the weekend with the boyfriend.
We went shopping and I managed to persuade him to get a lovely suit for a wedding we have to go to soon. So exciting!
Then we were going to go out but it turns out that the beds in the hotel were lethal!
Once you lay down that was it, you were stuck there. They were soo comfy!

So on Saturday we got up bright and early and when we were having breakfast there was a load of American people there for a wedding and one of them had the funniest sounding voice ever.
could not sop giggling and they were right next to me!

We then went to Taste: London and I highly recommend it to anyone who loves their food. It was the best day out I have had for a long time!
It is i Regents Park and has loads of tents with the top restaurants serving a small selection of their best dishes.
It also has loads of cocktails and wine...YUM!
As well as this, there are various stalls selling foods and kitchen equipment for you to buy.

I tried soo much food and drink that I felt like a beached whale by the end of it!
Here is me pulling silly faces and holding yummy food.

This was the best ice cream ever. Rhubarb and Custard Crumble.
It is the ice cream Tristan Welch made on Great Britsh Menu on telly!
Bet you never seen me posing like that before!

And can you believe it, I met Gary Rhodes himself!

Miss Spark and Mr Rhodes.
How awesome is that?

He was going on about his food saying how it was "A taste sensation! Mouth watering!" Ha, he makes me laugh. But his food was pretty amazing.

Now I will leave you with all of the fantastic food I tried.

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Working For Karup's

So last Wednesday I had a fab shoot for Karup's.
I went all the way across to Wrexham for the day and I loved the place. It is soo green!

We were shooting in another model's home. Her name was Serena (she is on one of the phone channels!) and she had a gorgeous house.
We we right nearby a golf course so it was funny when we were shooting as they could see through the windows.
I think I may have put a few of them off course! Hehe.

The photographer was fab and I loved him to bits. He was making evil funny jokes all day and I did not stop jabbering to him until the shoot finished.
I had soo much fun and I think the photo's look absolutely brilliant.
I have no more to say, just take a look for yourselves.

Smiley, smiley, Carol Smiley!

I'm wearing knickers...honest!

It's a jungle out there...
And then my personal favourite.

Big huge thanks to Pixrt and Karup's for the pictures.
I will let you know when they come out on the site. I also did two rude videos for the site, one using a big dildo (I think I will name him, Big Boy) which stuck to the floor!

And tomorrow is the best part, I can tell you all about the Taste: London food festival!

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

NW Dubs

Well last Monday I went to a car show with the lovely Masie Dee and Shay Hendrix.
We got to pose on top of cars and even got some fab free T-shirts!
It was funny as we were not really sure what to expect and when we got there we were dressed (or rather, undressed) to the nines and it turned out we were some of few girls that were there!
We were in a car park, full of men, all dolled up and wearing very little.

It turned out to be quite fun and we got to be very naughty as well as silly until too many people were giving us the evil eye so we left.

The show was of peoples Volkswagen cars which had been done up. I must be honest and say that some of them looked quite good. I was expecting to see "chaved up" cars with bean cans for exhausts with an ironing board stuck on the back.

Here are some funny pics from the show, thanks to Shay for these!
I will hopefully be getting some more professional ones soon!

Ha, I'm such a pervert.

And of course, Shay's awesome car! It's a VW...honest!

Tomorrow's post is all about the shoot I did last Wednesday for Karups!

Monday, 22 June 2009

One of the Locals...

I have soo much to tell you about!
Aw sometimes I wish I was less lazy then I would not have soo much to write!
I will have to split up the posts for you.
Last weekend I decided to go out in my lovely hometown with my mate B. We haven't heard from him in a while now, have we?
Well that weekend I went to the Birmingham Summer Good Food Show and I will be honest, it was not as fun as the winter one. Saying that, I did get myself a sushi making kit. I have not gotten to use it yet but you can guarantee that I will be posting pictures of what I made!

I then decided that I had to go out on the Saturday as it was one of my local Beer Festivals! (I love living between two places!)
The Welland Valley Beer Fest is always brilliant so I could not miss it! All the local surrounding pubs get different local beers and ciders for you to try and usually have a BBQ along with a few local bands.
I went down to one of the pubs with B to find they had ran out of cider AND most of their beer!
So we moved on to the next and again, they were outta beer!
I guess that shows how busy they get.

So we went to the local nightclub (this place is well known for letting 13 year old girls in...awesome) and oh my god.
I guess I had a fun night but I did get plagued by young boys when I went outside. It appears they don't meet local pornstars often.
I guess young boys can't control themselves.

Tomorrow I will tell you all about the car show I went to with Shay and Masie!
Here is a random picture to keep you going!

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

What I have been upto this week...

I went to London today to re-new my cert and I am glad I decided to go home early as it appears that the tube people are going on strike this evening!
The lines are going to be down until Friday but thankfully I do not need to be there then!

I saw that the TVX mole has changed his blog to a .com and noticed this lovely post!
You can also see a clip of my naughty episode of FuckSpace on the TVX site.

Other than that I have just been saying goodbye to all of my uni friends as they slowly leave one by one! My flat is getting rather empty now, there are only 4 of us! (Remember there are usually 9)
I have also been house hunting for my second year and this week I am busy busy, visiting lots of...lovely, student houses!

I got a phone call from the boyfriend when I was on the train today because he was bored at work. Ah the boyfriend, he makes me laugh sometimes.
I don't think I managed to cheer him up very much so to make up for it, I am going to give you a link to the most addictive game in the whole world!

THIS is to all the bored people out there.

Monday, 8 June 2009

My Freshman Year...

So I only just noticed thanks to one of you guys! that my shoot with Christian is finally up!
I think it has been there for a little while but that doesn't matter because I have some naughty photo's from it!

You can view my profile page HERE and you can watch the trailer HERE!
I would highly recommend this site as mainly it is my one and (most likely) ONLY POV shoot EVER! You might never see another.

This is a pretty new site which has been made by the amazing Christian who has recently started shooting his own porn as well as the fab Donny Long who has also started shooting.

Monkey Island Re-Make!

I just had to share this with you guys.
LusacArts have only gone and made a re-make of the Monley Island game! How aewsome is that!?
I have already ordered myself a copy.

Saturday, 6 June 2009

Another Day...Another Illness...

Well I have not had the best of luck these last couple of weeks!
I was meant to be shooting with Simon D today but alas, I gotten ill...again!
I think it was the shellfish I ate last night.
Another night of getting up every hour on the hour to be sick...lovely.

I am also meant t be going to Bukkakeman's Birthday Bash tonight but I am not sure I am going to risk it now.

I guess I will see how I am feeling later on. You guys should still go along though as it's going to be packed out tonight! There will be plenty of naughty girls about to celebrate!

Here are a few photo's I had forgotten about from my trip to Bristol. I had a room right next to the dock and it was really nice weather the whole trip.

Also, I have now gotten a youtube account! So come and befriend me on there. It does not have many videos on it right now but I am planning to fill it with loads of them!

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Im on top of the WORLD!!!

Well guys I am feeling awesome today!

The sunny weather has definately cheered me up a lot as well as the fact that I am back in the flat with all the girls and thy had bought a paddling pool!

I got straight into my bikini and got sunbathing and paddling all day :)
I am getting ready to go out for a few drinks with everyone from the block so it should be a good night.
I am of course not going to overdo it today as I am only just better so it will be a calmer night than usual.

Finally have those naughty, naughty photo's from the shoot for I Luv Nerds and my god is it a fuck-fest!

Well I got a good showing to from Shay and I have to admit, I very much enjoyed being told what to do!

But don't worry guys, I like to have a little go myself and I sure gave Shay a good seeing to myself! Whilst enjoying a little bit of nerd cock.

I am looking forward to the site going live and I will certainly let you know when it is!
Also, my episode for Jay Snake will be airing sometime in the next couple of weeks so watch out for that!

I have shoot number two booked with Simon D this week as well so I am going to be nice and busy again.

The fabulous Bukkakeman is celebrating in style this Saturday over at The Retro Club so if you are in the area I highly advise you to come along as it will be a night to remember! He sure knows how to party hard!
I should be there along with Masie and many more!
It's the birthday bash and it starts at 8pm sharp!