Saturday, 6 June 2009

Another Day...Another Illness...

Well I have not had the best of luck these last couple of weeks!
I was meant to be shooting with Simon D today but alas, I gotten ill...again!
I think it was the shellfish I ate last night.
Another night of getting up every hour on the hour to be sick...lovely.

I am also meant t be going to Bukkakeman's Birthday Bash tonight but I am not sure I am going to risk it now.

I guess I will see how I am feeling later on. You guys should still go along though as it's going to be packed out tonight! There will be plenty of naughty girls about to celebrate!

Here are a few photo's I had forgotten about from my trip to Bristol. I had a room right next to the dock and it was really nice weather the whole trip.

Also, I have now gotten a youtube account! So come and befriend me on there. It does not have many videos on it right now but I am planning to fill it with loads of them!


  1. Sorry to hear your ill and no offence to the other bukkake girls, I think the men going will be deverstated.
    Thanks for the youtube account, I look forward to it being filled. But if your short of ideas on what to fill it with, let me and the bloggers know i'm sure we can think up something interesting:)

  2. We were devastated fella, but you know, the party turned out to be a a blast 60+ singles and couples, smattering of adult stars and plenty of rowdy shagging.... just Satineless, which from my own perspective was heartbreaking! 8(((