Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Im on top of the WORLD!!!

Well guys I am feeling awesome today!

The sunny weather has definately cheered me up a lot as well as the fact that I am back in the flat with all the girls and thy had bought a paddling pool!

I got straight into my bikini and got sunbathing and paddling all day :)
I am getting ready to go out for a few drinks with everyone from the block so it should be a good night.
I am of course not going to overdo it today as I am only just better so it will be a calmer night than usual.

Finally have those naughty, naughty photo's from the shoot for I Luv Nerds and my god is it a fuck-fest!

Well I got a good showing to from Shay and I have to admit, I very much enjoyed being told what to do!

But don't worry guys, I like to have a little go myself and I sure gave Shay a good seeing to myself! Whilst enjoying a little bit of nerd cock.

I am looking forward to the site going live and I will certainly let you know when it is!
Also, my episode for Jay Snake will be airing sometime in the next couple of weeks so watch out for that!

I have shoot number two booked with Simon D this week as well so I am going to be nice and busy again.

The fabulous Bukkakeman is celebrating in style this Saturday over at The Retro Club so if you are in the area I highly advise you to come along as it will be a night to remember! He sure knows how to party hard!
I should be there along with Masie and many more!
It's the birthday bash and it starts at 8pm sharp!


  1. thanks Satine! Hopefully can geta babysitter and catch up with you again Saturday! Incidentally, saw your film with Jake on TelevisionX... HOT! (phew)

  2. Hehe I think you mean Jay?
    And boy was that fun to shoot!
    Satine xXx