Thursday, 25 June 2009

It's a taste sensation!

I will warn you in advance, this is a LONG post!

Last Friday I went down to London for the weekend with the boyfriend.
We went shopping and I managed to persuade him to get a lovely suit for a wedding we have to go to soon. So exciting!
Then we were going to go out but it turns out that the beds in the hotel were lethal!
Once you lay down that was it, you were stuck there. They were soo comfy!

So on Saturday we got up bright and early and when we were having breakfast there was a load of American people there for a wedding and one of them had the funniest sounding voice ever.
could not sop giggling and they were right next to me!

We then went to Taste: London and I highly recommend it to anyone who loves their food. It was the best day out I have had for a long time!
It is i Regents Park and has loads of tents with the top restaurants serving a small selection of their best dishes.
It also has loads of cocktails and wine...YUM!
As well as this, there are various stalls selling foods and kitchen equipment for you to buy.

I tried soo much food and drink that I felt like a beached whale by the end of it!
Here is me pulling silly faces and holding yummy food.

This was the best ice cream ever. Rhubarb and Custard Crumble.
It is the ice cream Tristan Welch made on Great Britsh Menu on telly!
Bet you never seen me posing like that before!

And can you believe it, I met Gary Rhodes himself!

Miss Spark and Mr Rhodes.
How awesome is that?

He was going on about his food saying how it was "A taste sensation! Mouth watering!" Ha, he makes me laugh. But his food was pretty amazing.

Now I will leave you with all of the fantastic food I tried.


  1. Where do you put all that food girl? x

  2. I think I might have hollow legs! :D
    Satine xXx

  3. lol love a girl who loves her food grins are you gonna do a tour with bukkakeman would love to see you on south coast xxxr