Tuesday, 23 June 2009

NW Dubs

Well last Monday I went to a car show with the lovely Masie Dee and Shay Hendrix.
We got to pose on top of cars and even got some fab free T-shirts!
It was funny as we were not really sure what to expect and when we got there we were dressed (or rather, undressed) to the nines and it turned out we were some of few girls that were there!
We were in a car park, full of men, all dolled up and wearing very little.

It turned out to be quite fun and we got to be very naughty as well as silly until too many people were giving us the evil eye so we left.

The show was of peoples Volkswagen cars which had been done up. I must be honest and say that some of them looked quite good. I was expecting to see "chaved up" cars with bean cans for exhausts with an ironing board stuck on the back.

Here are some funny pics from the show, thanks to Shay for these!
I will hopefully be getting some more professional ones soon!

Ha, I'm such a pervert.

And of course, Shay's awesome car! It's a VW...honest!

Tomorrow's post is all about the shoot I did last Wednesday for Karups!


  1. Satine,
    To say your blog rocks is an understatement. I've just read the entire thing - it's honest and open and a really fantastic insight into the adult entertainment world. What a great story you have unfolding here and what a astonishing sexy young woman you are. I do hope you continue to come up to Birmingham to see you some more. I'm intrigued to know what you're studying at uni - I don;t think I saw it mentioned. Will understand if you'd rather not say.

    Dave H

  2. Hi Satine!

    Love your pics,especially the top pic of you hav'n a quick perv while the other two girls pose! :-)

    Take care,keep using the 'malejelly' face cream ;-)
    Keeps you young looking! :-)

  3. Hey Satine,
    Looking *very* sexy as always, as are beautiful Maisy and Shay. Told you you were getting a fanclub didn't I? 8))) best wishes as always
    Rob (r3tro)

  4. Aww thanks guys! :)
    Glad you are enjoying the blog Dave, I usually just blabber on about stuff that makes me laugh lol.

    And I am studying Fashion Marketing :)

    Satine xXx