Monday, 22 June 2009

One of the Locals...

I have soo much to tell you about!
Aw sometimes I wish I was less lazy then I would not have soo much to write!
I will have to split up the posts for you.
Last weekend I decided to go out in my lovely hometown with my mate B. We haven't heard from him in a while now, have we?
Well that weekend I went to the Birmingham Summer Good Food Show and I will be honest, it was not as fun as the winter one. Saying that, I did get myself a sushi making kit. I have not gotten to use it yet but you can guarantee that I will be posting pictures of what I made!

I then decided that I had to go out on the Saturday as it was one of my local Beer Festivals! (I love living between two places!)
The Welland Valley Beer Fest is always brilliant so I could not miss it! All the local surrounding pubs get different local beers and ciders for you to try and usually have a BBQ along with a few local bands.
I went down to one of the pubs with B to find they had ran out of cider AND most of their beer!
So we moved on to the next and again, they were outta beer!
I guess that shows how busy they get.

So we went to the local nightclub (this place is well known for letting 13 year old girls in...awesome) and oh my god.
I guess I had a fun night but I did get plagued by young boys when I went outside. It appears they don't meet local pornstars often.
I guess young boys can't control themselves.

Tomorrow I will tell you all about the car show I went to with Shay and Masie!
Here is a random picture to keep you going!

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  1. Were you ladies at the car show in an official capacity? Are there more photos?

    And did the local boys at your local nightclub know you were the local pornstar?

    You're just too awesome, Satine!