Tuesday, 9 June 2009

What I have been upto this week...

I went to London today to re-new my cert and I am glad I decided to go home early as it appears that the tube people are going on strike this evening!
The lines are going to be down until Friday but thankfully I do not need to be there then!

I saw that the TVX mole has changed his blog to a .com and noticed this lovely post!
You can also see a clip of my naughty episode of FuckSpace on the TVX site.

Other than that I have just been saying goodbye to all of my uni friends as they slowly leave one by one! My flat is getting rather empty now, there are only 4 of us! (Remember there are usually 9)
I have also been house hunting for my second year and this week I am busy busy, visiting lots of...lovely, student houses!

I got a phone call from the boyfriend when I was on the train today because he was bored at work. Ah the boyfriend, he makes me laugh sometimes.
I don't think I managed to cheer him up very much so to make up for it, I am going to give you a link to the most addictive game in the whole world!

THIS is to all the bored people out there.


  1. Satine, pet- you have far too much time on your hands!!! 8)) Don't forget, I want you to cook us something yummy when you're up this way next!

  2. Enjoyed the fuck space episode. I agree with TVXmole and no wonder why you talk of jay snake in such glowing terms, it looked like you really really enjoyed yourself in that sceen:)

  3. Cheers for the link Satine! I'm always happy to write about you, you sexy thing!

  4. Hey Satine,

    I didn't know you'd worked with Jay Snake! I met him a couple of weeks ago, isn't he gorgeous? Got a proposition for you - email me at bad.girl.brooke1@gmail.com so we can talk privately?

    Brooke x