Sunday, 26 July 2009

Ben Dover Hot Tub Disco and AT Kingdom Shoot

Well guys I had a fab night out last Saturday at the Ben Dover party and here is a pic from the night taken by the brilliant Adam Robertson. In the picture is two guys from TVX, Ms "Petting Party" Williams and Tim Shady, Holly D and her other half.

There were tonnes of people there including the gorgeous Katie K!
We all went for dinner at this great Swedish restaurant on Brick Lane called Fika where I had these yummy reindeer sausages!

And of course SebCam TV was there badgering everybody so I have embeded the video from the night.

And there is a funny video from the Playboy shoot which I have put up onto my youtube account.

On Thursday I also did a hairy shoot for AT Kindgom. It consisted of 10 sexy sets in lots of outfits including a bikini bath set and sexy secretary set! I also did 3 videos for the site including one steamy bath scene in which I was dying for a pee so decided to do it right there!
I will post pictures as soon as I get them. I am especially excited about these as it was soo much fun to shoot and I was full of energy all day!

I then chilled the week away with a bit more gardening and went to my friends wedding yesterday. It was really nice and at the buffet, they had hotdogs, burgers and chips! That's just what you want when you have been on Pimm's all night!

Coming up I have a bukkake shoot over in Belfast! So if you are in the area on 8th August, book yourself a ticket!
If not then you can catch me at the opening night of Bukkakeman's brand new swingers club, Club So, which you may remember me shooting in once.
It's on 1st August and should be on heck of a party! Masie Dee will also be there!

This week I have work experience (imagine that!?) at a designer shoe shop so fingers crossed I get a free pair at the end!

Thursday, 16 July 2009

Food! Yum, Yum...AND Ben Dover Party.

I am so very forgetful!
I always forget to take the photo's off of my phone and put them up on here.
I had this fab dinner over at Bristol when I did my nerds shoot and I had to share it with you.
I can't remember the name of the place but it had Severn in the name and it was this cool restaurant on a boat!
I dinned with Mr Nerd himself and here is his Beef Wellington.

This is what I had, the first one was my awesome starter which was hoy sin duck with rocket salad and fried noodles and it was yum yum!
My main meal was a monkfish and king pawn green thai cury and it smelled lovely. Only trouble was, I was full up form the immense size of my starter!
It was still lovely though.

I also thought I would mention that I will indeed be at the Ben Dover Hot Tub Party on Friday night so if you would like to see me, come along!
If you want to see lots of hot porn girls wearing very little, this is the party for you!
I am aware that there are not a lot of tickets left and it would be wise to book them in advance now.
I'm looking forward to it and I think it will be a great night!

Playboy presents: Cuntdown!

The last shoot I did was with Playboy!
I was very pleased with myself to get this shoot as when I first started in porn I always thought to myself, "I know I will be doing well once I have shot for Playboy!"
Now, having been in the industry for a good 10 months (can you believe that!?) I know that yes Playboy are big, but most of my friends have shot for them. Even so, I think it's just stuck in my head that it's a big thing, for me at least.

I managed to get stuck in traffic on the way though as there was an accident. It made me laugh when everyone switched their engines off and got out of their cars as it was hot and muggy!

I eventually stumbled into the studio and hour and a half late! Not a good start!
I got straight into make-up whilst Shay and Kerry done their solo shoots.
The make up woman was fab and I loved how it looked at the end of it. I was also surprised to see Ric Porter doing some of the video work. I have been in the middle of organising a shoot with him too! And I was most unsurprised to see that Shay was there, lol. We seem to be shooting everywhere at the moment but trust me guys, I am NOT complaining!

It was lovely and relaxed their which really made it fun to shoot. We did the start of the show first where Thrice-Nightly Whitely (Steve Hooper) introduced us to Carol Whoredman (Kerry Lousie) and the two contenders, Me as Sarah the snotty school-girl and Shay as Beverly the Welsh slag!
After a huge argument with me and Bev, we got into a fight over Whitely and sex ensued!

Here are some of the fab photo's thanks to Playboy for those!

And then a behind the scenes. Yes, we always walk around half naked. It was really funny when an old couple walked past the studio door though!

Also thought I would share this funny sign I found at the pub the other night, it made me giggle!

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

More shoots what I did

So after that week of shooting I then had my first ever go at ball busting!
I'm sure that will make some of you squirm at the thought but I certainly enjoyed it!

It was with Masie Dee and we got to wrestle with a Mr Nutley who owed us a LOT of money!
We made sure to squeeze every last drop out of him!
After that we got to have a go with another guy whom set us a challenge to try and get him to the floor!
I am sorry to say that I lost and Masie won but it sure was fun trying!
The shoot was for a site called Pimped Nutz.
The scene is already up on the website too and you can download a sample clip!

Later in the week I had another shoot for I Luv Nerds, over in Bristol again.
I was working with sexy Shay but unluckily the second stud had to cancel so instead we shot a naughty girl girl scene where me and Shay are quite the kinky couple using a double ended dildo!

Here are a few pics from both of the nerd shoots.

Monday, 13 July 2009

Recent Shoots...And Pics!

So I will let you know about the great shoots I did!
I did this great shoot with Shay Hendrix and Sasha Rose for Sneaky Pee. I drove down to Reading and the three of us got drinking so that we could pee away!
One of the scenes was done in a big park which was full of people who could of seen us!
After that one we went to the pub and went to pee on our own down some scenic paths.
At one point I needed to pee soo bad that we had to stop and film it where ever was near to us! Which happened to be on a bridge over the motorway! Hehe!
That was real fun and the last scene we did was where each of us took it in turns to try and fill up a 1 litre jug to see who filled it the highest.
Guess what guys? I won it! I managed to fill my jug with 850ml of pee!
I was amazed I could hold that much of it!

I also did a shoot for I Luv Nerds that week. I was disappointed that my stud did not turn up so decided to use my nerd for the shoot instead! I tested out my webcam alone first, then called my nerd over and made sure the guys on the other side of the webcam could see what was happening! It was really fun and I got to dress up as a naughty french maid.
I am afraid I don't have any pictures from this shoot yet, but when I do, I'll put them up!

I finally ended that week with a shoot at Adult Live TV! It was great fun and I got to do it with Tanya Cox, Tammy Oldman, Amber Leigh and Stefan Hard! It was so great to finally get a big cock in me on the show and I will definately be back for me soon enough.
You can also view their babes website HERE
I left you a few of the photo's from the show to keep you cheery!

And of course, it wouldn't be me without a big dripping cumshot pic!

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Bring me a shrubbery!

Well I have been hacking away at my garden and it is starting to look acceptable now :)
I am taking photo's as I go along so I will post them all at the end!

I am just really bored waiting on all my little, iddy, biddy plants to grow! Wish I could wake up and they were all grown up, lol.

I have also been doing loads of boring things like buying a TV
Today is the first day since I moved into the house that I have actually used my laptop/internet.
That is just crazy but I just haven't had time or just have not had the energy.

I still have loads for you to catch up on and I wish I could just blurt it all out now but that would take forever so I will split them up into different posts!

I found a load of lovely posts about me so I thought I would put up all the links on here.
There are two posts about my latest bukkake shoot HERE and HERE over on the R3tro Club's blog.
The shoot was a load of fun to do and as you can see...I got covered!
Hehe, wouldn't that be a really funny life cover advert!? "Get covered..."

I nice post on Missy Petting Party's blog about Porn Bloggers! - Really good blog.

And finally here is the brilliant Kerry Louise's post about our shoot for Playboy! Her blog is fab and I think she is just as fab! Hehe, she is one horny bugger and I can see why all you guys love her to bits!

And finally, a few pics from my peeing shoot! That is only the first scene we did, there are more to come!

I will finally get posting the millions of pictures I have and go into more detail about the shoots I have done!

Saturday, 4 July 2009

house unpacking and garden digging!

Hey guys, I have not been on here for an awful long time as I have been moving house!
I have just finished moving everything in now however I still have a lot of unpacking to do...and a lot of garden to attend to!

I have not forgotten about you, I am just going to be very busy over the next 2 weeks but I will try and updates this when I can!

I have to tell you soo much about all the different shoots I have done lately!
I did a another shoot for I Luv Nerds twice, a peeing shoot for Sneaky Pee, I worked for Adult Live again and plenty more!

I promise I will tell you all the juicy details at some point!

Also, I am working for Playboy tomorrow! :D I'm very excited about it.
Other than that I will be having a few weeks off to settle in to my new home.