Sunday, 26 July 2009

Ben Dover Hot Tub Disco and AT Kingdom Shoot

Well guys I had a fab night out last Saturday at the Ben Dover party and here is a pic from the night taken by the brilliant Adam Robertson. In the picture is two guys from TVX, Ms "Petting Party" Williams and Tim Shady, Holly D and her other half.

There were tonnes of people there including the gorgeous Katie K!
We all went for dinner at this great Swedish restaurant on Brick Lane called Fika where I had these yummy reindeer sausages!

And of course SebCam TV was there badgering everybody so I have embeded the video from the night.

And there is a funny video from the Playboy shoot which I have put up onto my youtube account.

On Thursday I also did a hairy shoot for AT Kindgom. It consisted of 10 sexy sets in lots of outfits including a bikini bath set and sexy secretary set! I also did 3 videos for the site including one steamy bath scene in which I was dying for a pee so decided to do it right there!
I will post pictures as soon as I get them. I am especially excited about these as it was soo much fun to shoot and I was full of energy all day!

I then chilled the week away with a bit more gardening and went to my friends wedding yesterday. It was really nice and at the buffet, they had hotdogs, burgers and chips! That's just what you want when you have been on Pimm's all night!

Coming up I have a bukkake shoot over in Belfast! So if you are in the area on 8th August, book yourself a ticket!
If not then you can catch me at the opening night of Bukkakeman's brand new swingers club, Club So, which you may remember me shooting in once.
It's on 1st August and should be on heck of a party! Masie Dee will also be there!

This week I have work experience (imagine that!?) at a designer shoe shop so fingers crossed I get a free pair at the end!


  1. Bob Schlong says:

    Bikini bath set? My bikini?

  2. Hey Satine sweetie- just some update news, the Bukkakeman party is in the So!Club venue in Walsall, but the club has been taken over by the r3troclub. We are moving there from Birmingham and can't wait to see you in our new home on Saturday! Best wishes x

  3. Ah afraid not Bob, was too small! imagine that! it is a sexy bikini though!

    Thanks for that r3tro club! :D I do get muddled up easily lol

    Satine xXx

  4. Your blog is great and I will definitely buy some of your material!If only I was in England I'd love to get to know your better, especially that adorable and thirsty mouth!