Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Bring me a shrubbery!

Well I have been hacking away at my garden and it is starting to look acceptable now :)
I am taking photo's as I go along so I will post them all at the end!

I am just really bored waiting on all my little, iddy, biddy plants to grow! Wish I could wake up and they were all grown up, lol.

I have also been doing loads of boring things like buying a TV
Today is the first day since I moved into the house that I have actually used my laptop/internet.
That is just crazy but I just haven't had time or just have not had the energy.

I still have loads for you to catch up on and I wish I could just blurt it all out now but that would take forever so I will split them up into different posts!

I found a load of lovely posts about me so I thought I would put up all the links on here.
There are two posts about my latest bukkake shoot HERE and HERE over on the R3tro Club's blog.
The shoot was a load of fun to do and as you can see...I got covered!
Hehe, wouldn't that be a really funny life cover advert!? "Get covered..."

I nice post on Missy Petting Party's blog about Porn Bloggers! - Really good blog.

And finally here is the brilliant Kerry Louise's post about our shoot for Playboy! Her blog is fab and I think she is just as fab! Hehe, she is one horny bugger and I can see why all you guys love her to bits!

And finally, a few pics from my peeing shoot! That is only the first scene we did, there are more to come!

I will finally get posting the millions of pictures I have and go into more detail about the shoots I have done!


  1. Hey Satine, my goodness me didn't you get messy!!! A *lot* of happy guys that night! Can't wait till you're over in sunny Birmingham again. Best wishes, the r3tro x

  2. Satine, I recognise those flipflops!!! Where's the bikini?

  3. Yes I bet you recognise those! :D
    They are my favourite pair...really comfy.
    And as for the bikini, I think that people might have given me funny looks with that on! HEHE!

    Satine xXx

  4. Honeybun,

    If you'd like I could come over and trim your bush for you :)

  5. See what he did there Satine?

  6. Satine -- It's always good to see pics from your shoots. Keep 'em coming!

    Did you know that there are some great pictures from your latest (?) session at AdultLiveTV here:

    And there are some further ones form your dogging shoot here: