Saturday, 4 July 2009

house unpacking and garden digging!

Hey guys, I have not been on here for an awful long time as I have been moving house!
I have just finished moving everything in now however I still have a lot of unpacking to do...and a lot of garden to attend to!

I have not forgotten about you, I am just going to be very busy over the next 2 weeks but I will try and updates this when I can!

I have to tell you soo much about all the different shoots I have done lately!
I did a another shoot for I Luv Nerds twice, a peeing shoot for Sneaky Pee, I worked for Adult Live again and plenty more!

I promise I will tell you all the juicy details at some point!

Also, I am working for Playboy tomorrow! :D I'm very excited about it.
Other than that I will be having a few weeks off to settle in to my new home.


  1. cant wait to hear u having a housewarming?

  2. The Sneaky Pee pics are up. Or at least the free ones, very nice too. x