Wednesday, 15 July 2009

More shoots what I did

So after that week of shooting I then had my first ever go at ball busting!
I'm sure that will make some of you squirm at the thought but I certainly enjoyed it!

It was with Masie Dee and we got to wrestle with a Mr Nutley who owed us a LOT of money!
We made sure to squeeze every last drop out of him!
After that we got to have a go with another guy whom set us a challenge to try and get him to the floor!
I am sorry to say that I lost and Masie won but it sure was fun trying!
The shoot was for a site called Pimped Nutz.
The scene is already up on the website too and you can download a sample clip!

Later in the week I had another shoot for I Luv Nerds, over in Bristol again.
I was working with sexy Shay but unluckily the second stud had to cancel so instead we shot a naughty girl girl scene where me and Shay are quite the kinky couple using a double ended dildo!

Here are a few pics from both of the nerd shoots.