Thursday, 16 July 2009

Playboy presents: Cuntdown!

The last shoot I did was with Playboy!
I was very pleased with myself to get this shoot as when I first started in porn I always thought to myself, "I know I will be doing well once I have shot for Playboy!"
Now, having been in the industry for a good 10 months (can you believe that!?) I know that yes Playboy are big, but most of my friends have shot for them. Even so, I think it's just stuck in my head that it's a big thing, for me at least.

I managed to get stuck in traffic on the way though as there was an accident. It made me laugh when everyone switched their engines off and got out of their cars as it was hot and muggy!

I eventually stumbled into the studio and hour and a half late! Not a good start!
I got straight into make-up whilst Shay and Kerry done their solo shoots.
The make up woman was fab and I loved how it looked at the end of it. I was also surprised to see Ric Porter doing some of the video work. I have been in the middle of organising a shoot with him too! And I was most unsurprised to see that Shay was there, lol. We seem to be shooting everywhere at the moment but trust me guys, I am NOT complaining!

It was lovely and relaxed their which really made it fun to shoot. We did the start of the show first where Thrice-Nightly Whitely (Steve Hooper) introduced us to Carol Whoredman (Kerry Lousie) and the two contenders, Me as Sarah the snotty school-girl and Shay as Beverly the Welsh slag!
After a huge argument with me and Bev, we got into a fight over Whitely and sex ensued!

Here are some of the fab photo's thanks to Playboy for those!

And then a behind the scenes. Yes, we always walk around half naked. It was really funny when an old couple walked past the studio door though!

Also thought I would share this funny sign I found at the pub the other night, it made me giggle!

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