Monday, 13 July 2009

Recent Shoots...And Pics!

So I will let you know about the great shoots I did!
I did this great shoot with Shay Hendrix and Sasha Rose for Sneaky Pee. I drove down to Reading and the three of us got drinking so that we could pee away!
One of the scenes was done in a big park which was full of people who could of seen us!
After that one we went to the pub and went to pee on our own down some scenic paths.
At one point I needed to pee soo bad that we had to stop and film it where ever was near to us! Which happened to be on a bridge over the motorway! Hehe!
That was real fun and the last scene we did was where each of us took it in turns to try and fill up a 1 litre jug to see who filled it the highest.
Guess what guys? I won it! I managed to fill my jug with 850ml of pee!
I was amazed I could hold that much of it!

I also did a shoot for I Luv Nerds that week. I was disappointed that my stud did not turn up so decided to use my nerd for the shoot instead! I tested out my webcam alone first, then called my nerd over and made sure the guys on the other side of the webcam could see what was happening! It was really fun and I got to dress up as a naughty french maid.
I am afraid I don't have any pictures from this shoot yet, but when I do, I'll put them up!

I finally ended that week with a shoot at Adult Live TV! It was great fun and I got to do it with Tanya Cox, Tammy Oldman, Amber Leigh and Stefan Hard! It was so great to finally get a big cock in me on the show and I will definately be back for me soon enough.
You can also view their babes website HERE
I left you a few of the photo's from the show to keep you cheery!

And of course, it wouldn't be me without a big dripping cumshot pic!


  1. that is some cum laddened grin, but come to think of it, I don't think i've seen a pic of you involving cock or cum where u haven't had a massive grin.
    Any ideas when ur welovebukkake stuff will be posted, for some of us One load of cum is just not enough:)

  2. love that cum pic - wonderful.

  3. top pics satine how is your summer going ?

  4. Yes I will ask Mr Bukakkeman when they will be up.
    and guess you can tell i love the cum pic!
    and summer is going great thanks :) just wish there was a little more sun!