Thursday, 27 August 2009

Silly Kitty...

I had to share this video I just seen as it made me laugh so hard!

There is also a few pics from the last bukkake: HERE
And a blog post from my Trash Whore shoot HERE.

I will be off to Bristol next week for another shoot for I Luv Nerds as well as a shoot over at Johnny Rebel's! I may also be doing a shoot with Jayce for his series!

I will hopefully be busy next week!

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Lots of Video's and Pics! - For Free of course!

I have been browsing all the naughty sites I am on and have found lots of links to free pictures and videos.
I thought I would put them all up on here for you to all enjoy!
There are loads for Her Freshman Year which was the shoot I did a while back with Christian!
There are loads of different pages.

There is also a trailer for the new Pornovision series by Playboy. Watch it HERE!

I have no more pictures at the moment but I am hoping to get some from the ATK shoot soon!

I have another shoot for I Luv Nerds on Saturday which should be good fun. Hopefully the site should be up this year, Im looking forward to the launch!

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

ASBO Trash Whores!

Yesterday I did a shoot for TVX called ASBO Trash Whores.
It was with the hot hot hot! Stefan Hard and Johnny Rebel himself was over doing some of the camera work.
It was a really fun day and what made it better...
1. It was in my own house!
2. I got to dress down as a chav!

Oh the laziness!
Here is a picture of me in my chav-suit, INNIT!

We did a little scene outside near a trashed car, which I later lobbed a brick at, where Stefan introduced myself. Stefan then went straight to the house and got stuck in (literally!)
We did it fast and dirty just like a real chav. It was really good and it wasn't long before Stefan was cuming all over my chest! We also had some naughty photo's where he came in my mouth, naughty boy!

It was a great shoot and Johnny kept me laughing the whole way through with his cheesy banter!
I even got to keep my socks on the whole way through! Now isn't that chav-tastic!

There is a post on my most favourite person's blog HERE.

Monday, 17 August 2009

Bukkake Bukkake Bukkake!

I am in the best mood ever right now!
It's all you fab fans which cheer me up (as well as my great mates who read this! Hehe I know you all have a nosey!)
I seem to be doing nothing but bukkake's lately and trust me, it's not a bad thing!
Here are the piccies from my recent bukkake at R3tro Club.

Unluckily for me I did manage to get a squirt up the nose!
It was not very nice!

Also here is a link to the post about my bukkake for Cock Loving Wives!
I have a shoot tomorrow with the hunky Stefan Hard for a series called ASBO Trash Whores which will be out on TVX!

I am looking forward to my BBQ house warming party this weekend and also to my toes getting better!
I had to have them operated on last week and I must say, needles in your toes really hurts!

Hoping I will have some more kinky work soon for you to enjoy!

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Big Thanks to all you Fans out there!

Thanks a lot guys!
I was soo chuffed by all your messages, they cheered me up :)
I clearly have the best fans in the world!

Just a quick post really to say your nagging must be working as I have just gotten myself 3 more shoots! Keep up the fab work!
I am off now for a night out with my mates, I was out in Worcester last night for my friends birthday and it was fab! Best night I had out in ages. Make sure to come over if you ever see me out, would be great to speak to you all!

And as Rach says, I a happy to receive gifts! :D

Monday, 10 August 2009

I Need YOUR Help!

Ok so I have been the most boring person on earth lately.
I have bee sitting in doing nothing and getting rather bored.
I'll be honest and say that I have had practically no work this last month so getting my cert was a complete waste of money and as it happens, all my bills are due this month.
It's really been quite depressing.

I did do one real fun bukkake in Belfast yesterday but only three people showed up! How embarrassing is that!? And to make it worse, one of them had to leave before it started!
I did still have a great time because the guy I did it for was fab and I loved him to bits!
The shoot will be up on Cock Loving Wives and will eventually be available on DVD.

Also attended the opening of Club R3tro's brand new club and did two huge bukkakes! It was really fun and I got to go in the hot tub after!
I have another bukkake coming up on Saturday at the new Club R3tro so make sure you cum! :D

And other news, I did an interview for Petting Party which is now up.
I finally got on the front cover of a DVD! It's called Cum Covered Cuties!

So I am really bored not working and need your help! :) I am assuming that most of you are reading this blog because you like what I do. If so, then badger people to shoot me!
If you want to see me on the sites you look at, you need to let them know, then they can shoot me for it!
You fans are what keep me in work so your nagging works the most!
Thanks guys for the help!