Wednesday, 19 August 2009

ASBO Trash Whores!

Yesterday I did a shoot for TVX called ASBO Trash Whores.
It was with the hot hot hot! Stefan Hard and Johnny Rebel himself was over doing some of the camera work.
It was a really fun day and what made it better...
1. It was in my own house!
2. I got to dress down as a chav!

Oh the laziness!
Here is a picture of me in my chav-suit, INNIT!

We did a little scene outside near a trashed car, which I later lobbed a brick at, where Stefan introduced myself. Stefan then went straight to the house and got stuck in (literally!)
We did it fast and dirty just like a real chav. It was really good and it wasn't long before Stefan was cuming all over my chest! We also had some naughty photo's where he came in my mouth, naughty boy!

It was a great shoot and Johnny kept me laughing the whole way through with his cheesy banter!
I even got to keep my socks on the whole way through! Now isn't that chav-tastic!

There is a post on my most favourite person's blog HERE.


  1. u iz well fit innit satie.....

  2. BobSchlong says:
    Hi Satine

    Seriously, you actually look quite good! It must have been fun shooting in the comfort of your own home, but maybe a touch confronting for the b/f!

    Are there any more photos? I'd like to see a few of you nude with your hair up like that! Thanks!

  3. ASBO trash whores and council estate skanks. both great ideas for porn. Always seen you as a proper lady, but the way you seem to instinctively where the chavey make up and ear rings I'm not to sure

  4. Jon- don't forget the brillance of the 'Council Estate Skanks' sequel 'Scummy Mummies'!

    Satine, the fact there was a trashed car near your house speaks volumes.... you are in fact ACTUALLY A CHAV aren't you? Lol :) nah, you're far too lovely to be a chav <3 x

  5. haha! Well im clearly good at fooling you all!
    It just happens that where im from, i had to put up with a lot of chav's so i find it really easy to be like one!
    I was surrounded by them all the time, it's going to rub off a little :D

    And your all right, Im a lady really :)

    Satine xXx

  6. Bob Schlong says: I'd love to see some more pics, please, Satine!

  7. i have a 3 inch cock on the hard. Please will you suck it?