Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Big Thanks to all you Fans out there!

Thanks a lot guys!
I was soo chuffed by all your messages, they cheered me up :)
I clearly have the best fans in the world!

Just a quick post really to say your nagging must be working as I have just gotten myself 3 more shoots! Keep up the fab work!
I am off now for a night out with my mates, I was out in Worcester last night for my friends birthday and it was fab! Best night I had out in ages. Make sure to come over if you ever see me out, would be great to speak to you all!

And as Rach says, I a happy to receive gifts! :D


  1. Hell yeh! Ya don't ask, ya don't get :D

  2. what kind of gifts ?

  3. do you have a list ?

  4. lol no I dont, should I have one? :D
    And I have no idea, whatever you fancy getting me hehe!

    Satine xXx

  5. Hey Satine, just out of curiosity where did you go? i was out in worcester as i live there....gutted i missed you!

  6. I design shoes for jimmy choo they always seem popular with girls !