Monday, 10 August 2009

I Need YOUR Help!

Ok so I have been the most boring person on earth lately.
I have bee sitting in doing nothing and getting rather bored.
I'll be honest and say that I have had practically no work this last month so getting my cert was a complete waste of money and as it happens, all my bills are due this month.
It's really been quite depressing.

I did do one real fun bukkake in Belfast yesterday but only three people showed up! How embarrassing is that!? And to make it worse, one of them had to leave before it started!
I did still have a great time because the guy I did it for was fab and I loved him to bits!
The shoot will be up on Cock Loving Wives and will eventually be available on DVD.

Also attended the opening of Club R3tro's brand new club and did two huge bukkakes! It was really fun and I got to go in the hot tub after!
I have another bukkake coming up on Saturday at the new Club R3tro so make sure you cum! :D

And other news, I did an interview for Petting Party which is now up.
I finally got on the front cover of a DVD! It's called Cum Covered Cuties!

So I am really bored not working and need your help! :) I am assuming that most of you are reading this blog because you like what I do. If so, then badger people to shoot me!
If you want to see me on the sites you look at, you need to let them know, then they can shoot me for it!
You fans are what keep me in work so your nagging works the most!
Thanks guys for the help!


  1. We hear this story so often with girls who appear on the Real Punting site offering PSE escort services. There just isn't enough work for girls in porn in the UK so they either have to go to the USA to find work or escort. I imagine you would go down a storm in the USA but that might not fit in with Uni. For what it's worth I think you are the hottest new British girl in a very long time and I wish you the very best of luck :-)

  2. Yay for your cover- congrats to you :)

    And I stand by what I said: more presents for Satine from her fans!!

  3. I was at he club in wallsall and cant believe that satine does not get more work - easilly the best looking girl working in porn at the moment.Without sounding like a stalker I would easilly visit anywhere she was working in the midlands

  4. cant belive your not getting the work ur so cute ... come down south and you would get more than 3 guys turning up

  5. I'm with gareth - I'll happily stalk you! You really are a fab looking girl Satine. I even think you should be on the lecture circuit talking about your use of blogging and twitter - really innovative.

    I only wish I had the contacts in the porn industry to help you out. I'll be sure to big you up in any forums or anywhere else I can.

  6. couldnt agree more dave, just wander if it is quiet cos of summer time ? how are studys going ?

  7. milky white skin and a classic English rose look, I agree with pablotele, you'd go down very well in the states.

    More than happy to pester for you. Is emailing the production companies the best way to do it?

  8. I'm moving to Northampton soon. good to see the women are hot to trot!
    will keep a look out for an autograph of that cover!

  9. Hi Satine,
    Sorry to hear of the limited turn out at the bukkake party.I just wish I would have been there to add some 'man moisturiser' to your pretty face :-)
    Its been a while since I met you at 'Club So',I must do my best to meet you again,as I was mesmerised by your beauty! As lovely as all of your pics are,none do you justice,as your a real peach! :-)
    I notice in your interview it mentions 'watersports shoots'.Let me know if you ever do any W/S parties,as I'd love to either piss on you or you on me :-p
    Lots of loving kisses & hugs xxx

  10. You have an incredible smile.....woow

    Dutch fan

  11. Hey Satine, chin up my lovely, we're all gettingn bitten by the credit crunch y'know!
    You know you'll always have some fun at the r3tro babe, so can't wait to see you again tomorrow!