Wednesday, 23 September 2009

No Internet! BOO!

Just letting you guys know I have no internet at home right now, it sucks!

So no proper posts for a while!

Sorry Guys!


  1. spotted satine on a blog caller The guy always manages to spot the best looking girls in porn, so I thought satine would end up on there eventually:)

  2. Satine

    Hope you get your Internet access back soon.

    Did you know that you now have page at FreeOnes? The URL is: Most of the links are to pics from your "Her Freshman Year" shoot.

    I think you can register there as an "Official Checked Star Member" if you want.

    You might want to check the biographical stuff -- though I can't see anything wrong on the basis of my very limited knowledge.

  3. BobSchlong says:

    Satine, you've just gone up at ATK Hairy!

  4. I love your bush on ATK hairy! Keep it up!

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