Monday, 14 September 2009

A year has been and gone!

Can you believe that I have now been working in the industry for a whole year!?
I am soo pleased to still be here and I have you guys to thank for it!

Here is the link to my very first shoot which was with Relish: HERE
I can't get over how much younger I looked in those photo's!

I am hoping very much that this next year will be twice as successful as the first.

Now I will tell you about the shoots I did and my holiday this week. It consisted of shooting for JohnnyRebel (Which reminds me, photo's from the Trash Whores shoot are up HERE!), Tony James, Shay Hendrix and also for I Luv Nerds.
I also visited my family and went on a steam train. And went to a Gnome Reserve!

Exciting eh?

Well I will post about it later in the week but for now I will show you a small selection of these fab pictures which the boyfriend took.

He is becoming quite the photographer I think.


  1. happy 1 year anniversary. Really enjoyed your journey into the world of porn and the blog to go with it.

    For the next year, more porn, more blogging and more gnomes (or a combination of all 3 )

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  3. Happy Anniversary ! It looks great You have a Great Body size and shape .. gorgeous ! Im waiting to give you a good fucking or somebody else ??
    When are you having a Gang bang for me ?

  4. hey whore, how much you make per scene?

  5. BobSchlong says:

    "fab pictures which the boyfriend took."

    Hey Satine

    I'd love you to shoot me a custom set, or maybe I can just wait until later in the year and shoot you myself!