Friday, 30 October 2009

Garry's Girls shoot

On Monday I had a shoot in Leicester for Garry's Girls who is currently shooting content (including videos!) for his website!
The day started with me wondering down to the place and getting all the gear out.
We did 4 sets of stills altogether, 1 of which will be appearing in Escort mag so you will have to look out for that one!

The one for Escort looked very cheeky and rude with me dressed in a bright red rubber dress!
And it was shot around the bog! Hehe...
Very naughty eh?

The other sets we really bright and cheeky and the photo's I saw looked fab!
I will of course be posting a few pictures when I get some.

We also filmed 2 solo videos, one where I was busy playing with myself without noticing the camera and another where I talked dirty to it!
The way home was a bit rubbish because I got caught in the rush hour and the main road back to where I live was closed!
I ended up meandering through all these crazy tiny roads in the dark.

Other news, I can confirm I will be at the R3tro Club tomorrow evening for photographs and signings. Be sure to get your signed posters!
I hear that Angel Long will also be there, I am soo looking forward to meeting her!

AND...I will also be on the Strictly Broadband stand at Erotica this year, catch my on the Sunday between 4-8pm!

To keep you happy, I have also received pictures from the shoot I did for Red Hot TV, it's called, Anything That Moves and will air in December.

Thursday, 22 October 2009

Working for JimSlip again!

Well on Monday I did another shoot for the awesome JimSlip and Lara again!
I always enjoy working for them because they are such a laugh!

I spent the day in Brighton which I had never been to before, and was working with the kinky Robyn Ryder and the very, very hot, Leo Pops!
Lucky me, eh?
It was for Robyn's second series of Pimp Mummy which I hear will be out on TVX before the year ends!

The story goes, my poor partner Leo was in a neck brace and to cheer him up I decided to order him a sexy teen.
Instead, comes Robyn Ryder along with a whole film crew!

We then decide to dress up as naughty school girls and sex ensues.

It was such a fun scene to do and Robyn was soo much fun to work with! I definately think I had great fun as it was also really good fun working with Leo as he is soo hot and sexy!
It would be fab to work with the two of them again that's for sure.

Now also, I went to see Michael Mcintyre live in Birmingham a few weeks back and he was soo funny!
I can't wait to get his DVD when it comes out as he had me in stitches.
Oh an I almost forgot about this shoot I did for Woody Johnson a wee while back which was a comedy. I went to sleep with my mum's new lover as I didn't want her with him and wanted to wear him out.
But you will never guess how it ended!?
The series should be out on Red Hot TV at some point and I will let you know when!

That's all for now folks!

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

A bit of what I have been upto...

Ok here is a summary of all the work I have failed to mention on here!

I did a shoot a little while back which will be coming out on Red Hot TV at some point in the next couple of months. It was a nice simple, let's have sex series which the sexy Masie Dee did some of the camera work for!
I will let you know when I find out the name of this series.

I then had a really, really fun shoot with Jenny Badeau for Rich Fetish!
It was a day in Sittingbourne where I did lots of solo and g/g scenes involving:
- Knicker fetish
- Silk/satin fetish
- Girl fights
- Ripping our clothes off
- Pointing guns all over the place!
- And loads more!
It was a really fun day and a lot of the scenes are out already on their various websites!

Next up was the Sunday Sport Birthday Party which I attended along with Katie K and the fab Rachael from TVX!
You can view my pictures HERE - My Facebook Fan Page!
Links to pictures and reviews of the night HERE, HERE and HERE!

So that's some of what I have been upto!

Now these are a few dishes which I made and forgot to post up!
My first roast dinner at the studenty house!

And then some really tasty venison burgers with sweet potato chips which me and the boyfriend made!

And to finish it off, photo's from the ASBO Trash Whores shoot!
What a great chav I do make!

Saturday, 17 October 2009

I Luv Nerds Part 2

What happened?

Well Shay had me "kidnapped" for my surprise birthday gangbang!
All of my most favourite friend were there for it including Shay Hendrix, Masie Dee, Kaz B, Michelle Moist and Sasha Rose!

And then of course, lots of sex involving big huge strap ons ensued!

Of course a birthday is not a birthday without an awesome cake!

(Credit to ME!)

It was a really fun shoot and I cannot wait to see this one!
After the big girl gangbang, I decided I wanted a bit of real cock too so we got the nerd in for some more fun!

The shoot was in this awesome pub which was huge!
It had floor after floor with random rooms everywhere, I wanted it to be my house.
So tomorrow, I'll FINALLY post up picture from the Sunday Sport Birthday Party...Geez am I slow!

Friday, 16 October 2009

I Luv Nerd Shoots!

I am back!
And I have pictures from the I Luv Nerds shoots!
The first one was in Bristol and was me, Shay, Nerd and Peter Oh Tool!
Here are the pictures.

The story goes, I found a hot guy (Peter Oh Tool) who I wanted to shag so I told Shay that he was a new nerd!
We did a nerd test to prove he was and then after just passing, I got to shag him!
And then Shay wanted a go!

Here are a few silly photo's we took!

Now the second Nerd shoot was done in London not long ago!
I will first show you the preview video for the film we shot.
This one may be coming out on DVD too! How exciting is that!

Tomorrow I will post pics from the shoot.
See if you can guess what will happen?

Friday, 9 October 2009

Some Free Gallery Links!

After my shoot at Johnny Rebel's I went back over to Bristol and did another shoot for I Luv Nerds. I actually thought I had photo's from this shoot but it turns out I do not!
Im sure I will get some.
The shoot was a B/B/G/G shoot with me, Shay Hendrix, Peter Oh Tool and our favourite nerd!

After that I spent some time with my family down south! It was really fun as I got to go on a steam train and everything!
Here are a few pictures from the trip.

Next on the agenda was a trip to one of my friends down in Devon. It was great to see him again and we did loads of random, random visit a Gnome Reserve!
No, you didn't read wrong, I did say a gnome reserve.

And I also visited Clovelly.

Now is time for the free gallery links!
I have a load of links for ATK Hairy.
Gallery 1
Gallery 3
Gallery 4
Gallery 5 - For this set I also did a naughty peeing in the bath video!

On top of that I did two other rude videos including one using toys and another cheeky, flashing interview!

Tomorrow there will be a more pictures, more videos and I'll tell you all about the Sunday Sport party which I went to!

Monday, 5 October 2009

What I have been upto!

Internet is back!
Thank goodness for that!
Well firstly, I have lots and lots of links with free photo's and videos to share with you.
I found a lovely post written about me on Your Dirty Mind and another nice one on my most favourite blog, Club 1985!

Now I also have some new DVD's which are out! This is a link to a review of Old Guys, Young Thighs, which is now out on DVD!
And secondly, my FIRST EVER SHOOT with Relish, Fresh Faced Fuckers 2 is online for you to watch on Strictly Broadband! The link has a clip of the DVD which I think may also be out. (I will have to check that one!)

I will give you links to some free pictures tomorrow because first I want to show you some of the pics from the shoot I did for Johnny Rebel!
It consisted of pictures like this:

And this:

And then some like this!