Tuesday, 20 October 2009

A bit of what I have been upto...

Ok here is a summary of all the work I have failed to mention on here!

I did a shoot a little while back which will be coming out on Red Hot TV at some point in the next couple of months. It was a nice simple, let's have sex series which the sexy Masie Dee did some of the camera work for!
I will let you know when I find out the name of this series.

I then had a really, really fun shoot with Jenny Badeau for Rich Fetish!
It was a day in Sittingbourne where I did lots of solo and g/g scenes involving:
- Knicker fetish
- Silk/satin fetish
- Girl fights
- Ripping our clothes off
- Pointing guns all over the place!
- And loads more!
It was a really fun day and a lot of the scenes are out already on their various websites!

Next up was the Sunday Sport Birthday Party which I attended along with Katie K and the fab Rachael from TVX!
You can view my pictures HERE - My Facebook Fan Page!
Links to pictures and reviews of the night HERE, HERE and HERE!

So that's some of what I have been upto!

Now these are a few dishes which I made and forgot to post up!
My first roast dinner at the studenty house!

And then some really tasty venison burgers with sweet potato chips which me and the boyfriend made!

And to finish it off, photo's from the ASBO Trash Whores shoot!
What a great chav I do make!


  1. Yet to post a bad pic of yourself, Thanks for keeping us updated

  2. Hey Satine

    How r u? More great pics and I agree with Jon!!! The food looks great.Can u come down to Bristol sometime and cook for me?lol

  3. Mmmmm venison burgers yum!
    The party was pretty hilarious. Just remember, you'll need a model release for Satine's Sneaky Pees ;)
    Also- Asbo Trash Whores is brilliant. I love how chavved up you are! Your episode is airing 25th November at 10:10pm on Television X, Sky channel 903. Hardcore version online soon after INNIT!