Friday, 30 October 2009

Garry's Girls shoot

On Monday I had a shoot in Leicester for Garry's Girls who is currently shooting content (including videos!) for his website!
The day started with me wondering down to the place and getting all the gear out.
We did 4 sets of stills altogether, 1 of which will be appearing in Escort mag so you will have to look out for that one!

The one for Escort looked very cheeky and rude with me dressed in a bright red rubber dress!
And it was shot around the bog! Hehe...
Very naughty eh?

The other sets we really bright and cheeky and the photo's I saw looked fab!
I will of course be posting a few pictures when I get some.

We also filmed 2 solo videos, one where I was busy playing with myself without noticing the camera and another where I talked dirty to it!
The way home was a bit rubbish because I got caught in the rush hour and the main road back to where I live was closed!
I ended up meandering through all these crazy tiny roads in the dark.

Other news, I can confirm I will be at the R3tro Club tomorrow evening for photographs and signings. Be sure to get your signed posters!
I hear that Angel Long will also be there, I am soo looking forward to meeting her!

AND...I will also be on the Strictly Broadband stand at Erotica this year, catch my on the Sunday between 4-8pm!

To keep you happy, I have also received pictures from the shoot I did for Red Hot TV, it's called, Anything That Moves and will air in December.


  1. Bob Schlong says:
    Satine, I love the pick from redhot TV - Your pussy looks so awesome bald and it always looked great with a dick shoved in it! Have you ever done a creampie (internal cumshot)?

  2. No I haven't yet!
    And thankyou! x

  3. Bob Schlong says:
    Ooh, "yet"! Sounds like you will someday soon! Can't wait!

  4. Well done, sounds like you're doing great! x

  5. i wanna say the truth satine
    maybe all the men like sex and porn but i think you are special because you are very different porn actress and that make the different between "playboy girl" and you all beauty blonde girl natural and i love that. for me you have perfect body...legs, arms.eyes.boobs,smile,etc.
    i hope someday can meet you .
    bye from chile