Friday, 16 October 2009

I Luv Nerd Shoots!

I am back!
And I have pictures from the I Luv Nerds shoots!
The first one was in Bristol and was me, Shay, Nerd and Peter Oh Tool!
Here are the pictures.

The story goes, I found a hot guy (Peter Oh Tool) who I wanted to shag so I told Shay that he was a new nerd!
We did a nerd test to prove he was and then after just passing, I got to shag him!
And then Shay wanted a go!

Here are a few silly photo's we took!

Now the second Nerd shoot was done in London not long ago!
I will first show you the preview video for the film we shot.
This one may be coming out on DVD too! How exciting is that!

Tomorrow I will post pics from the shoot.
See if you can guess what will happen?


  1. Hey Satine

    How r u? Great pics and I look forward to seeing the second set.My guess is u get a good hard shag???And a face full of spunk?lol x x x

  2. HOT as always Satine!!! Look forward to seeing you again on 31st for our spooky Hallowe'en party!! Don't forget your broomstick! *chuckle*