Saturday, 17 October 2009

I Luv Nerds Part 2

What happened?

Well Shay had me "kidnapped" for my surprise birthday gangbang!
All of my most favourite friend were there for it including Shay Hendrix, Masie Dee, Kaz B, Michelle Moist and Sasha Rose!

And then of course, lots of sex involving big huge strap ons ensued!

Of course a birthday is not a birthday without an awesome cake!

(Credit to ME!)

It was a really fun shoot and I cannot wait to see this one!
After the big girl gangbang, I decided I wanted a bit of real cock too so we got the nerd in for some more fun!

The shoot was in this awesome pub which was huge!
It had floor after floor with random rooms everywhere, I wanted it to be my house.
So tomorrow, I'll FINALLY post up picture from the Sunday Sport Birthday Party...Geez am I slow!

1 comment:

  1. Nice Cake... nice asses on show there too!!! yuM! Always dig you, shay and Maisie! 8)