Friday, 9 October 2009

Some Free Gallery Links!

After my shoot at Johnny Rebel's I went back over to Bristol and did another shoot for I Luv Nerds. I actually thought I had photo's from this shoot but it turns out I do not!
Im sure I will get some.
The shoot was a B/B/G/G shoot with me, Shay Hendrix, Peter Oh Tool and our favourite nerd!

After that I spent some time with my family down south! It was really fun as I got to go on a steam train and everything!
Here are a few pictures from the trip.

Next on the agenda was a trip to one of my friends down in Devon. It was great to see him again and we did loads of random, random visit a Gnome Reserve!
No, you didn't read wrong, I did say a gnome reserve.

And I also visited Clovelly.

Now is time for the free gallery links!
I have a load of links for ATK Hairy.
Gallery 1
Gallery 3
Gallery 4
Gallery 5 - For this set I also did a naughty peeing in the bath video!

On top of that I did two other rude videos including one using toys and another cheeky, flashing interview!

Tomorrow there will be a more pictures, more videos and I'll tell you all about the Sunday Sport party which I went to!


  1. Over the last few years I have grown accustomed to shaved pussies but thanks for the links anyway.

    I am sure guys (and girls) that like a full bush will appreciate them.

  2. Hey Satine

    I have joined ATK and ur pics r great.Don't spose u know when the peeing video will be up do u? Looks like u had a nice time in Devon was that the steam train that goes from Paignton?Take care x x x

  3. PS

    I live in the great city of Bristol so if ever u r down this way again maybe we could meet up??it would b great to c u in the flesh!!!

  4. Bob Schlong says: The bikini pics look brilliant, although the bikini I sent you (and fliflops) would have been raunchier!

    Are you still completely bald?

    Do you enjoy doing solo shoots, or would you rather do b/g?

  5. Great pics Satine, as always!

  6. Thanks everyone for the comments.
    And well spotted James! It is Paignton.

    Satine xXx

  7. Hi Satine

    I thought it was I have done that trip a couple of times. Did u go to Dartmouth as well?

  8. Yes I did, I loved it there!

    Satine xXx

  9. Yeah it is a lovely part of the world.I have got family connections down there so go down there quite a lot. x x x

  10. I bloody fish from that quay, lol. I was very probably there. Ah ha ha. Comedy. Shame I didn't see you Satine. I probably would have made an ass of myself asking for an autograph though.

    P.S: Noticed you have deadlines too. Tell me about it. I'm up doing an all nighter and you are distracting me....!

    bladerunnerice x