Monday, 5 October 2009

What I have been upto!

Internet is back!
Thank goodness for that!
Well firstly, I have lots and lots of links with free photo's and videos to share with you.
I found a lovely post written about me on Your Dirty Mind and another nice one on my most favourite blog, Club 1985!

Now I also have some new DVD's which are out! This is a link to a review of Old Guys, Young Thighs, which is now out on DVD!
And secondly, my FIRST EVER SHOOT with Relish, Fresh Faced Fuckers 2 is online for you to watch on Strictly Broadband! The link has a clip of the DVD which I think may also be out. (I will have to check that one!)

I will give you links to some free pictures tomorrow because first I want to show you some of the pics from the shoot I did for Johnny Rebel!
It consisted of pictures like this:

And this:

And then some like this!


  1. Bob Schlong says: You are so fuckable, Satine!

  2. I agree with Mr Schlong!!!lol. Luvin ur pics on ATK Hairy as well.U have some peeing ones on there as well dont u?x x

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  4. Hi Satine!
    Dont know if you have ever noticed?
    But you have very pleasant toes!

    Such plainness without nail polish make your toes even more gorgeous!!!
    So may you take some few self shoots of your toes please?
    They are so attractive!

  5. Why thankyou very much! :)
    Glad to hear I have nice toes.

    I may very well post a few pics of my little tootsies!

    Satine xXx

  6. Wow!!!
    Thank you Satine!
    Now I am very anxious to see them!!!!!
    Thank you...!

  7. Hi Satine!
    I think I have missed your post...Orz
    May you post again please?

  8. My email is: