Thursday, 22 October 2009

Working for JimSlip again!

Well on Monday I did another shoot for the awesome JimSlip and Lara again!
I always enjoy working for them because they are such a laugh!

I spent the day in Brighton which I had never been to before, and was working with the kinky Robyn Ryder and the very, very hot, Leo Pops!
Lucky me, eh?
It was for Robyn's second series of Pimp Mummy which I hear will be out on TVX before the year ends!

The story goes, my poor partner Leo was in a neck brace and to cheer him up I decided to order him a sexy teen.
Instead, comes Robyn Ryder along with a whole film crew!

We then decide to dress up as naughty school girls and sex ensues.

It was such a fun scene to do and Robyn was soo much fun to work with! I definately think I had great fun as it was also really good fun working with Leo as he is soo hot and sexy!
It would be fab to work with the two of them again that's for sure.

Now also, I went to see Michael Mcintyre live in Birmingham a few weeks back and he was soo funny!
I can't wait to get his DVD when it comes out as he had me in stitches.
Oh an I almost forgot about this shoot I did for Woody Johnson a wee while back which was a comedy. I went to sleep with my mum's new lover as I didn't want her with him and wanted to wear him out.
But you will never guess how it ended!?
The series should be out on Red Hot TV at some point and I will let you know when!

That's all for now folks!

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  1. Pimp Mummy series 2! Awesome :D The first series was rad so I can only imagine how great the sequel will be with you in it.

    I wrote a review for series one on Strictly Broadband- check it out!