Friday, 20 November 2009

Boobies, Bums and Other Nice Things...

Well I have been upto this and that. Mainly making rude videos for you all to watch!

I have received pictures from the series Pimp Mummy 2 which will be airing on TVX in December.

It involved lots of naughty sex with the very rude Robyn Ryder and hottie Leo Pops!
I also have a little behind the scenes post which Rachael did HERE.
And she also blogged about going to see The Girlfriend Experience HERE.

I liked the film and thought it was quite good though a little confusing at times. It was brilliant to watch visually.
And as for Sasha Grey doing the Q+A at the end, she did a hell of a good job considering some of the questions she was asked.
And needless to say, she was twice as stunning in the flesh! I think I could say that about an awful lo of performers. Sometimes you can't see that twinkle in their eye on camera as well as you can in person.

Found the link for BootyBox finally. There is a really good trailer on the site at the moment.
I am also up on Panty Amateur so have a look.

Whilst writing this post I have been listening to the Jurassic Park soundtrack and because it is THAT cool, I have put it up on here!

Oh and don't forget, Im at Erotica on Sunday night, 4-8pm on the Strictly Broadband stall E2!
See you there!


  1. Aw yay :) thanks for the linkage. You rock!
    We need to do girly christmas drink soon <3 xx

  2. Oh my those panties look good enough to eat.