Monday, 2 November 2009

Breakfast, Movies and my busy Halloween weekend!

Well, I have been everywhere this weekend and im just chuffed that I have the day off tomorrow...well technically, today!
On Friday evening I got dressed up in my gear and went to a friends house for an early halloween party as a vampire.
It ended up that my fangs kept falling out so I ended up being an old age vamp, lol.

Oh and the other day, me and the boyfriend went out for the best fry up in the world!
Here is his LARGE breakfast.
The plate was bigger than his head!

Then on Saturday I packed my things and drove all the way down to Chelmsford to a place called Bicknarce.
I actually thought that this place was in Wales when I first heard it!
I was there to play the part of an extra in a film. In a real film!
I didn't even have to get naked!
The film is called Blood Army and is a small scale film in which I got to play a part as an evil, sexy vampire.
It was soo much fun to get an idea of what it is like on a real film set and to see what the people are like in that industry.
I had a really fun day although an awful lot of it involved waiting around! But I guess that can't be helped.

It happened to be the last day of filming when I was there and it was really nice to see how all of the cast and crew got along like a big huge family. I think it would be great fun to do again.
Here are a few photos of me and one of the set cars. I had loads of fun with two other girls who were extras with me and we spent a lot of time living in our shoddy caravan!

I just want to say a huge thankyou to the people who let me go on set!

After saying my goodbyes, I then headed off to Birmingham to see the guys over at the R3tro Club, Walsall. I got to chat to some of my fans and I also signed posters for people to keep.
Whilst I was there I also did a little video tour of the club which may be on the site sometime soon.
Next up, to my friends place in Aston where I met all of her fab housemates and then decided last minute that we were going to go out and party!
We ended up at the O2 Academy for Halloween. I think the night was called SubCulture or something?
It was good fun anyway and after that we went to a friends house in Perry Bar for some more drinks before heading to bed at 6am!

All in all I had a fab and hectic weekend and I haven't even finished yet. I also had a shoot on Sunday evening which I will tell you all about tomorrow.

Here is a picture of a funny sign I saw a while ago and of my awesome pumpkin!


  1. Hey Satine

    How r things with u? Wow appearing in a proper film that's great altho I do prefer your normal films!!!lol. Any idea when it is going to be released?

  2. Hey Satine, thanks for the footage- Calvin's just dropped it over and you looked absolutely gorgeous, as always! Will try and get it edited up, and on the site (and Youtube!) shortly

  3. Some weekend, you seem to have packed more into it than some do in a year. Good luck with the film carere, but please don't go all hollywood on us quite yet, still plenty more porn to do :)

  4. Love your schoolgirl pics with Jim Slip, sooo hot, just want to know did you ever do any naughty sexy things when you were a schoolgirl?
    Any pics of you as a real schoolgirl in uniform?


  5. Oh can't wait to see the r3tro club footage :)

    And thanks Jon! Don't worry though, I'm very much hoping to stay in porn! I think films are a bit of fun on the side for me!

    And thanks Ory, well techniquely I am still studying. Does that make me a schoolgir!?
    I've posted a few pics of me as a schoolgirl in Cuntdown for you.

    Satine xXx