Sunday, 8 November 2009

Fireworks and erm, Fireworks?

On Thursday I went home to see the fireworks and I made a video up of it for you to see!

It was really good fun as the fireworks back at home are really good!
I managed to get this one good photo of the fireworks...who knew it was soo hard to photograph them!?

After they finished I went and got a tasty sausage in a roll...YUM!

Then on Saturday I had another solo shoot which was for someone's site which isn't up yet.
When I get photo's I will put them up.
The sets looked really fun and playful and included a set in a cute nightie, some colourful underwear and one in a sexy corset and stockings!
I also did two very kinky videos, one of which I rode a very large black dildo on a table!

That's about all I have been upto, I have another solo shoot on Monday for UK Pussy Talk!

PS: I have finally gotten round to putting up an Amazon Wish List as a few of you have asked me to do so! Here is the LINK. (If you search for Satine Spark in the wishlist you will probably find it too)


  1. You're looking good on the Bukkakeman website, been waiting for ages to see you on his site.
    Well worth the wait though.

  2. Thankyou!
    I am glad it is finally up :)

    Satine xXx