Monday, 16 November 2009

Working with Adam Robertson!

Well on Friday I went Go Karting with a bunch of people and it was loads of fun!
It was soggy and wet and really hard work (The steering does not steer in those things!) but I really enjoyed myself and had a lot of fun!
We went to an outdoor track in Stretton which meant lots and lots of sliding in the rain!
Here is me in my racing gear.

I ended up losing but didn't really mind as it was my first time and I actually got a bottle of champers for coming last!
I also made these yummy white chocolate and blueberry muffins when I went home.

And I ended up going out for my friends 21st the other week where we went out to this really nice cocktail bar which was all tikki tikki themed.
I had this really cool Pina Colada!

Today I was up nice and early to shoot with Adam Robertson who does this amazing photography which you can see some of on his BLOG.
Now some of what we shot is top secret *cough* FOR A WEBSITE! *cough* but I can tell you about some of the other stuff we got upto!

I also did a little something for Adam's site for when it's up and running. Some nice erotic shots.
And for me, well I did some cheeky sets which included me with a lollipop and squirty cream as well as some nice pictures of my little feet!
Other then that I just got upto no good!
When I get some photo's I will show you a few of them but you will have to wait to see them all!

Now I have to go as Im going to go and see The Girlfriend Experience at the BFI tonight where the gorgeous Sasha Grey will be doing some Q + A at the end.
I must think of some good questions!


  1. Wooo Hoooo, you're the best client i've had in agessss!! :D

  2. Oh Satine...
    I wanna see ur PLAINESS NATURAL TOES (and TOENAILS)...!
    But ur even not in atkfootfetish site...

  3. Poor Adam...he should go and see his Dr,as his cock has turned into plastic! lol