Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Working with Jenny Badeau!

On the Sunday evening I had another shoot.
This one was a g/g shoot with the stunning Jenny Badeau.

I had had loads of fun working with her for Rich Fetish so I was very much looking forward to working with her again!
I had some funny photo's of us in torn up clothes from Rich Fetish but I have lost the images! :(

We were working at Saracen House Studio which was great for me as it was only 30 minutes away. It was a really cool studi0 and the guy who owns it is really nice.
I would highly recommend shooting there if you need a studio in the Midlands!

We were working for Peter who does this amazing erotic photography.
He is currently working on a selection of erotic images which I guess he may use as a calender or something afterwards?
I will find out and let you know. As you can guess, after such a busy weekend, my head was everywhere!

We got changed into these amazing wedding/bridesmaid dresses and then did a naughty g/g scene with a strap on!

After that we got to do some kinky 80's style photos with baby oil and bright red lipstick!
We then got ourselves all wet and soggy and got some photo's with us in some very see through shirts!
Jenny also took a few photo's of me and her photography was fab. I can't wait to see all the photo's as they look like they will be good.

Here was me in between sets. I think I should go out like that! lol

I also have photo's from my shoot for Garry's Girls.
Have Fun!


  1. Hi Satine!
    Thank u for these nice photos!
    May u also take some shoots of ur TOES plz,
    I really wanna see them in closeup...
    Cuz ur and ur TOES are both so attractive and goergeous!
    May u do that?

  2. Wow ... just discovered you. Huge fan from the USA here. Too bad I missed your panties competition. Any chance of another or, better yet, start selling them?

  3. Ill see what naughty toe pictures I can find for you for my next post!
    And glad you did find me Norman!
    I may well start selling my worn panties.
    You will be the first to know!

    Satine xXx

  4. Hi Satine

    WOnderful pictures, thanks for sharing. also see you have an up and coming (pardon the pun) shoot on We Love Bukkake. Think I'll have to check that out. How much bukkake have you done?

  5. Oh Yeah!
    Thank u Satine!
    Please show toes!
    I fell in love with ur TOES when I saw them in ur non-footfetish themed nude photo:,
    Look at them:
    Such plainness and natural TOENAIL is 100 times MORE excitant and gorgeous than ANY NAILPOLISH!
    Specially when they belong to U Satine!!!!!
    The even more marvelous girl!
    Show ur TOES please,
    show ur plainness-natural TOENAIL!
    Thank u Satine!