Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Adult Work Account!

So HOPEFULLY my sexy Christmas blowjob video will now be up on my adultwok account!
You can find us under Dirty Little Girls - Because that's what we are!
I don't know if links work but this is the LINK.
I hope you guys and girls enjoy the video, there's more to come!

That's all for now, Have a Fabulous Christmas and don't forget to watch plenty of porn!

Lots of Love.

Satine xXx

Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Feet Feet Feet!

Now this post is dedicated to Bon Joe Ryan as he has asked me on many occasions to post some pictures of my tootsies!
These are for you and all those foot fetish people out there!

I must also mention that these photo's are just a very small taster of what will be on my Official WEBSITE!
They are part of a 40 picture set AND video which will be appearing on my website which will hopefully be set to go live at the end of 2010!

But Im afraid that's all I can say right now!

Also a big HUGE thankyou to my fan Phil for sending me this gorgeous bag!

My camera is not working so I cannot show you me wearing it, yet!
I love it to bits, thankyou so much!
I have since had a few of you asking to send me pressies (which I always love!) and you can do this through my Amazon Wish List.
(Please let me know if it doesn't work)

I have also put up a profile on Adult Work of me and my naughty friend Masie Dee (Who now has a facebook account!) where we will put up a few rude videos for you to purchase.
The first one will be up today I will post about it later on when it's up!

Sunday, 20 December 2009

Last Week Update

Last week I had a test shoot for Models First which I think went well.
I went down to London for it even though I wasn't feeling too perky and had a short interview followed by a nice big wank!
I also have a few photo's from the I Luv Nerds shoot with Katie K!
Me nerd hunting at my uni...How naughty eh!?

Me and Katie trying to steal the nerds underwear for our dare!

And then me and Katie fooling around, hehe!

The next day I was down to The Private club along with Masie Dee to do a naughty spanking shoot!
We also ended up doing some promo photo's for this really HOT band called Silent Descent who were absolutely gorgeous and it was great working with them.
Here are a few photo's of the spanking shoot and the band promo's!
Thanks to Johnny Rebel for the photo's!

Thursday, 17 December 2009

I luv Nerds and Razzle Mag!

After all those shoots and parties I then had a shoot for I Luv Nerds (Which apparently will be up and running by the end of the year!) and I FINALLY got to work with the absolutely sexy Katie K! I must say it was a good day.
I can't believe it took that long to work with her as she is everywhere but I am glad I finally did as she is lovely. We had lots of filthy fun together and believe me, you couldn't not fancy her with that cheeky face of hers!
Very unluckily for me and you, I don't have any photo's from the shoot but who knows, I may get some soon!
The day also consisted of some nerd shagging and pulling at my uni! Naughty eh?

Next up was a solo shoot for Razzle magazine so watch out for them coming out! I am very excited as I've never been in Razzle.
I did a cheeky set on the couch with some cute little shorts followed by me in a pink nightie on the bed. After that I was all hot and sweaty so took a shower and got lots of soppy pictures from it!

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Working for Bluebird and the UKAP Christmas Party!

After all of that I then had a shoot last Friday for Bluebird. The shoot was a condom fetish shoot and I was dressed up as a very naughty nurse. My patient came to see me about how to wear a condom so I decided to give him a private fitting!
I loved the outfit soo much!

Once I had finished my shoot I got the fabulous Helen to redo my make up before heading off to the hotel to get ready for the UKAP party.
I bought along my friend Edith Cumdick who hasn't done a single scene yet and wanted to see what the biz was all about first.
We got a bite to eat whilst we waited on Katie K to get down as she has been shooting all day.
We all got ready then decided to walk from the tube station to the boat the party was on...big mistake!
It was really far and we had sore feet by the time we got there!
The party was a lot of fun though and I met some great new people, some of which I will hopefully be working with soon!
I found a few other posts on the UKAP party. Tanya Tate written one HERE and so did the kinky Kerry Louise!

I had a really busy weekend which I always love and it was tonnes of fun!

Friday, 4 December 2009

A Catch Up...Working For I Luv Nerds, going to Erotica!

Ok I have a free half an hour so Im going to update this blog!

What I've been upto?
Well I had a shoot for I Luv Nerds a little while back and i went all the way to Derbyshire where it was cold, rainy and there wasn't a lot of reception!
Here are some of the photo's from the shoot.

I was getting bored waiting on Masie getting me for her surprise party.
So I ended up being dominated by Masie Dee and had my legs all spread out with a spreader bar before shagging myself silly on a big didlo!

All because I shagged the nerd when I wasn't supposed to, oopps!

I also saw the Strictly Broadband blog post about Erotica which you can see HERE.
It has loads of photo's from the Sunday.
I was working with the very sexy Mai Bailey who I was chuffed to meet, she was great fun to be with! We got upto no good and wondered around all the stalls playing with naughty toys and people!
Thanks to all the people who came over to say hi to me, it was lovely to see you!

I found a little page of me on Your Dirty Mind HERE. It's really great to be noticed by the guys in the US, who knows...I may be over there soon enough!

Thursday, 3 December 2009

Sorry Guys!

Miss Spark is doing a bad job of keeping her blog up to date again, sorry!
I have soo much brilliant news to tell you about but I am afraid I will not be blogging very often for the next week.
Why, might you ask?
Because little me has all her uni assignments due in and hasn't done them yet!

I will try to update this when I am free but until next Thursday, all I will be thinking about is brand management, marketing, merchandising and fashion!