Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Adult Work Account!

So HOPEFULLY my sexy Christmas blowjob video will now be up on my adultwok account!
You can find us under Dirty Little Girls - Because that's what we are!
I don't know if links work but this is the LINK.
I hope you guys and girls enjoy the video, there's more to come!

That's all for now, Have a Fabulous Christmas and don't forget to watch plenty of porn!

Lots of Love.

Satine xXx


  1. Martyhulk says: Merry Christmas, Satine. Are you offering webcam shows on your Adult Work site?

    Hope you spend a lot of 2010 on your back!

    Lots of love


  2. already got that bj great video but whay have your own site wouldnt it be easier to just put stuff on adultwork ?

  3. Hope you have had a great Xmas Satine! Very excited by the foray into Adultwork, looking forward to lots of great footage. Massive fan :)! xxxx