Thursday, 17 December 2009

I luv Nerds and Razzle Mag!

After all those shoots and parties I then had a shoot for I Luv Nerds (Which apparently will be up and running by the end of the year!) and I FINALLY got to work with the absolutely sexy Katie K! I must say it was a good day.
I can't believe it took that long to work with her as she is everywhere but I am glad I finally did as she is lovely. We had lots of filthy fun together and believe me, you couldn't not fancy her with that cheeky face of hers!
Very unluckily for me and you, I don't have any photo's from the shoot but who knows, I may get some soon!
The day also consisted of some nerd shagging and pulling at my uni! Naughty eh?

Next up was a solo shoot for Razzle magazine so watch out for them coming out! I am very excited as I've never been in Razzle.
I did a cheeky set on the couch with some cute little shorts followed by me in a pink nightie on the bed. After that I was all hot and sweaty so took a shower and got lots of soppy pictures from it!


  1. Satine - you have been my favourite blogger of 2009. You rock girl! Loving your cheeky smiles in these pics.

  2. Awww Satine...!
    @ Satine:
    Due to popular demand,
    I am going to get a few piccies of my feet for you to see for my next blog post!

    Still very anxious since your last promise :)
    Will you really going to show them? XD
    Please plz plz... :)

  3. Hi Satine!
    Will you also appear in some famous female beauty site such as Met-Art and Met-Models?
    Cuz I think you are way better and more cute & gorgeous than majority of their models! :)

  4. Despite the explosion of hardcore on the internet,i still enjoy now and then grabbing a copy of razzle or similar.Looking forward to seeing you in there Satine.

  5. Love your blog, merry Christmas xxx