Thursday, 14 January 2010

2009 Shoots...

In 2009 I managed to work with:
- JimSlip - The Fabulous Jim and Lara!
- Fem Org
- Telexvision X - Some of the best people work there including TVX Mole!
- Jay Snake's Fuckspace - With Jay Snake believe it or not?
- Old Guys, Young Thighs - With Peter Oh Tool!
- ASBO Trash Whores - With Stefan Hard :)
- Pimp Mummy 2 - Shot by Jim and Lara with Robyn Ryder and Leo Pops!
- We Love Bukkake
- Cate - Working with Cate :)
- Adult Live TV - With loads of fab people!
- Her Freshman Year - With hunky ChristianXXX
- I Luv Nerds - Again, lots of fab people!
- Wetting Her Panties - It's in the name ;)
- Sneaky Pee
- Killergram - On a Dogging Mission!
- Israeli Company producing film: Penetration of Love (Not out yet)
- Karup's - Don't think this is out yet?
- Bootybox - Cuntdown with Shay Hendrix, Kerry Louise and Steve Hooper
- ATK Natural and Hairy
- Garry's Girls
- RedHot TV
- Anything That Moves
- Rich Fetish - With Jenny Badeau for various sites :)
- Extra in film: Blood Army
- UK Pussy Talk
- Bluebird - Condom Fetish with Dirty Dog
- Razzle Magazine - (Not out yet)

Can you believe that I have worked with all these people!? Crazy stuff.
I may have missed people out but im not sure.

So this year my aim is to work with as many people as possible which I have not yet worked with. And of course to work with those I have again!

Well I have not been upto loads because of the weather but I did do a shoot with Masie Dee and Matt last Sunday which was for our website!
Once I get all of the photo's sorted out I will post a few but for now enjoy this one!

Thanks to Daryl B for the photography.
I look very mean! :D


  1. I want Satine in 2010 will achieve your goals, Satine kiss send more than 1 million times!

  2. Satine love! now that Satine has not uploaded images? Satine has received the picture yet?

  3. Great stuff last year, fingers crossed for more of the beautiful and sexy Satine in 2010 x x