Monday, 4 January 2010

A trip to the Disney Shop!

Well I had a great day today. I went down to get my certs, here's a picture of me on the train.

I happened to meet Leo Pops whilst I was down there and we went (Well really it was just me) for a spot of shopping!

We went to Disney shop. Here is ourselves posing in front of a big crocodile?
And here is Woody!

We then chilled and had some hot drinks in Starbucks and then I went home and made steak and chips, yummy!
I also have some photo's from an all you can eat Chinese I went to a while back, it was really tasty.
Here is plate number 1 of 4, hehe!

Some work updates, I am finally up on UK Pussy Talk, HERE is the link for the free video clip!
I am also up for twitter babe of the month for ATK so please VOTE for me!
And a photo of me before going to a pirate and wenches fancy dress party, that was a lot of fun.

And finally, here is me right now in y pj's watching The Boat that Rocked. In the time it's taken me to right this post, it has just finished and it as a really good film!

Well, that's all for now, see you later!


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  3. just voted for you at ATK. Looks like you're winning!

  4. Hi Satine

    I voted for u as well at ATK will the hairy pussy be coming back anytime soon?Really love those blonde pubes!!!lol

  5. Thanks for voting!
    And yes my hairy pussy will e coming back sometime soon! :)

    Satine xXx