Monday, 25 January 2010

Working for Pimped Nutz...Round 2! Plus a geek party!

Hehe, I had a very fun weekend indeed.

I spent Friday night watching films and then got to bust some balls all day on Saturday!

I was working in Milton Keynes and I was mega stressed as I couldn't find the location. I ended up being an hour late! It wasn't fun!
But to cheer me up I got to let out all of my stress on the boys!

I did a scene where I was punching, biting and slapping balls whilst I shagged Danny and then I got to do another scene where I seen if I could kick the guy to the ground. You will have to watch the video to see if I managed it :D

I also did a scene where I was a naughty college girl who failed my work and decided to plead with the teacher to see if he would pass me. The perv then tried to hit on me so I was going to report him but he said I could do ANYHING to him not to tell so, I decided to give him a punishment of my own!
I kicked him with my pointy heels and even attacked his balls with my stiletto heel!

I had a very busy day all in, I even managed a solo scene of my own for me and Masie Dee's website! It was a scene where I was dressed as a maid and decided to to have a bit of solo fun!

Once Id finished the day I went back home and got all dressed up as a geek for my friends 21st birthday.
It was a fun night all in all and I was knackered when I got home!

I also did a cancellation shoot on Thursday for Dave's Young Sluts and it was SOO MUCH FUN!
We had a right laugh me, Dave and Masie.
We did this great scene where I was after a job as a topless model at a boxing show and I wanted it so much I was willing to do anything to get it!
So you'll never guess what happened!

We ended up doing a few silly poses too!
I also found a few links to a panty fetish site which have two pages of myself HERE and a free video clip HERE.

Just to let you guys know myself and Masie have aso updates our Adultwork profile with NEW video's and photo's!


  1. Cool update, but I had to wince at balls being attacked XD

  2. Satine today look very happy and comfortable! view short video clips too Satine!

  3. Free Video of Satine in the file path? Satine was a student looks very nice girl!

  4. Web search for Dave's Young Sluts do not see the name of Satine?

  5. Satine are you doing now?
    Satine is sick?
    I see Satine website is so in a week now!