Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Things What I've Been Upto

Well I recently gotten ill so have been spending a lot of my time indoors getting better!
I did a shoot the other day for myself and Masie's website which should hopefully be up by March or April!
I have also found out I have another DVD coming out of which I am on the back cover :)

My really good ball-busting scene is already up on Pimped Nutz so have a look at that!
Also you can see my first ball-busting shoot for Sniff That Kick HERE.

And the main thing at the moment is my Best New Starlet Nomination!
I found a lovely post on the nominees HERE.
I have also been in the Daily Sport and the Daily Star with adverts to vote for me!

So that about sums up everything I have bee upto, I will show you pictures from the shoot on Monday when I have them!
Oh I almost forgot, I also did this cheeky video for reaching 1000 Twitter followers!


Monday, 15 February 2010

Working for Models First!

Last Monday I worked for Models First doing a CFNM (Clothed Female, Naked Male) shoot.
It was really odd for me doing a porn shoot whilst staying fully clothed!

I had loads of fun doing it though and I got to be dressed as a school girl!

Hehe, Nick managed to sneak behind me in one!
The make-up lady even put freckles on my face which tickled. It was the first time I had ever had my make-up air brushed on which was really cool too.
The story was that my cousin had to go to the doctors with erection troubles, eg: too many of them!
So all of the female staff and myself and my mother teased him about it and tested out all of the doctors kit on him. The female doctor then went on to finger fuck him and made him come all over the floor!

My mother was being played by the stunning Avalon of chat channel Sport XXX.
It was really lovely to get to meet her and Id be chuffed to work with her again! The other girls I worked with were also very sexy but I don't think they regularly do adult work.

All in all it was a fun day!

Monday, 8 February 2010

The Weekend Part 2 - Working with Daisy Rock!

In the morning Leo's mum made me tea and a bacon sarnie. It can't really get much better than that!
Thanks to Leo for having me for the night.
I was back on the train to Brighton and this family got on the train. The woman then decided to put a stack of rubbish on the table in front of me which I found very rude. The guy noticed and mentioned the fact that I had gave his wife a 'dirty look' and she preceded to say, "What? It's a table, that's what it's there for."
I'm sorry but what place do they live in where leaving rubbish on a table is normal? There was a bloody bin behind her, lazy git.

Well my 30 minute journey then took 3 hours as somebody decided to get run over by the train before so I ended up being VERY late for the shoot.
I don't know if they purposely got in front of it or not so my condolences to them if it was accidental.
Once I finally got down to Brighton I was met by Trash and his lovely doggy. We then went back to shoot some porn!
Me and Daisy Rock got ready for a day full of shagging and boy was I looking forward to it!
She is one sexy bitch! :D

We shot a scene where I was applying for a job at her office and she soon made me do all sorts of naughty things to get the job!
She made me lick her wet pussy until she was soo horny she fucked herself using a face dildo...on my face!

I was soo horny all day, I think it made for some great scenes.

We then did this really sexy scene where we were all dressed up in PVC and fishnets and we fucked ourselves with dildo's. Daisy of course flogged me silly and then shagged me with a strap on!

The last scene was a giggly, girly pissing scene where we couldn't stop laughing. In the end it made us wet ourselves in the shower!

As there is no rest for the horny, I then got ready for a HOT scene with big huge Sensi! It was my challenge to get all of his big huge dick into my gob and you will just have to watch the video to see if I managed it!
I was really chuffed as it's my FIRST EVER interracial scene and boy am I glad I did it!

Here is a LINK to Daisy's Blog post about the day!
A huge thanks to Trash for the fab photo's and to Daisy and Sensi for just being hot! :D
I think I must say that Daisy and Trash are the hottest and horniest couple in UK porn! So sign up to her sexy site guys!
I'll tell you more tomorrow!
Here is a little video I did after my scene with Tony for Addiction Films.

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

The Weekned Part 1 - Working for Pumpkin

So Thursday I went to Bristol to work for Pumpkin which was the first time I'd worked with them.
I was working with the lovely Andyman and Charisma of Charisma Gold doing a threesome! Goody!

I was her daughter who had walked in on her and her new boyfriend at it so ended up joining in as we did share everything!
The shoot was for Playboy so look out for it!

I finished early so I then went to visit my brother in Exeter seeming as I was soo close by. We went for a curry at the pub and then I headed home. Back late I went straight to bed.

Doesn't the pub look awesome!
It's the Exeter Wetherspoons.

I then had a lecture the next day and headed straight down to london afterwards to shoot for a company called Addiction Films.
I ended up getting there a little late as I struggled to find the place but when I finally got there I was glad I'd went!
I was on the 12th floor of a building and the view was amazing! The make-up lady did an amazing job and I felt soo sexy afterwards it really made for a horny scene!
I got to dress as a Genie and was working with Tony James. He wished for a fuck, so he sure got one!

The lovely Alexandra Cat was there so I finally got to meet her. She has such a sexy voice!
We shot for 2 hours of non stop fucking, as you can guess I was rather tired by the end of it!
We got a spot of Chinese takeaway but had to head off straight away as it was really late.
I was working in Brighton the next day so I stayed at the lovely Leo Pops house so that I didn't have to get up mega early.
We sat and watched a film and I decided I wanted to steal his cat as he was soo lovely!

Monday, 1 February 2010

Best New Starlet Nomination!

Ok this is a quick post as Im tired and I have lots to say.
Wanted to let you know that I have been nominated for an award by the Television X Shafta's for Best New Starlet!
It's up for public vote so please vote for me!
You can VOTE HERE!

Also, get yourself a copy of the Daily Star tomorrow as I will be in it!