Monday, 1 February 2010

Best New Starlet Nomination!

Ok this is a quick post as Im tired and I have lots to say.
Wanted to let you know that I have been nominated for an award by the Television X Shafta's for Best New Starlet!
It's up for public vote so please vote for me!
You can VOTE HERE!

Also, get yourself a copy of the Daily Star tomorrow as I will be in it!



  1. Ah!
    Satine is working normally and education.
    I will review and vote for Satne.
    Kiss Satine.

  2. Congratulations Satine was nominated for the award of Television X Shafta for Best New Starlet!
    If Satine is just too tired, go sleep.
    But Satine health care, please share the joy nhé!
    Satine want healthy and joyful.

  3. Hey Satine

    How r u?

    Voted for u in the poll really hoe u win u deserve it!!!

  4. Not a suprise about the nomination easily the best performer out there at the moment.Voted already and everybody else should

  5. YOu deserve the nomination girl, you deserve to win.

    Good luck

    sunshine x

  6. You've got my vote babes, good luck!

    Brooke x

  7. Satine!
    Today you do?
    Good health?
    Please paste the image to daily living, to see how much you have joy and sadness, fatigue.

  8. Thanks everyone! :)
    So excited about this nomination!

    Satine xXx