Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Things What I've Been Upto

Well I recently gotten ill so have been spending a lot of my time indoors getting better!
I did a shoot the other day for myself and Masie's website which should hopefully be up by March or April!
I have also found out I have another DVD coming out of which I am on the back cover :)

My really good ball-busting scene is already up on Pimped Nutz so have a look at that!
Also you can see my first ball-busting shoot for Sniff That Kick HERE.

And the main thing at the moment is my Best New Starlet Nomination!
I found a lovely post on the nominees HERE.
I have also been in the Daily Sport and the Daily Star with adverts to vote for me!

So that about sums up everything I have bee upto, I will show you pictures from the shoot on Monday when I have them!
Oh I almost forgot, I also did this cheeky video for reaching 1000 Twitter followers!