Monday, 8 February 2010

The Weekend Part 2 - Working with Daisy Rock!

In the morning Leo's mum made me tea and a bacon sarnie. It can't really get much better than that!
Thanks to Leo for having me for the night.
I was back on the train to Brighton and this family got on the train. The woman then decided to put a stack of rubbish on the table in front of me which I found very rude. The guy noticed and mentioned the fact that I had gave his wife a 'dirty look' and she preceded to say, "What? It's a table, that's what it's there for."
I'm sorry but what place do they live in where leaving rubbish on a table is normal? There was a bloody bin behind her, lazy git.

Well my 30 minute journey then took 3 hours as somebody decided to get run over by the train before so I ended up being VERY late for the shoot.
I don't know if they purposely got in front of it or not so my condolences to them if it was accidental.
Once I finally got down to Brighton I was met by Trash and his lovely doggy. We then went back to shoot some porn!
Me and Daisy Rock got ready for a day full of shagging and boy was I looking forward to it!
She is one sexy bitch! :D

We shot a scene where I was applying for a job at her office and she soon made me do all sorts of naughty things to get the job!
She made me lick her wet pussy until she was soo horny she fucked herself using a face dildo...on my face!

I was soo horny all day, I think it made for some great scenes.

We then did this really sexy scene where we were all dressed up in PVC and fishnets and we fucked ourselves with dildo's. Daisy of course flogged me silly and then shagged me with a strap on!

The last scene was a giggly, girly pissing scene where we couldn't stop laughing. In the end it made us wet ourselves in the shower!

As there is no rest for the horny, I then got ready for a HOT scene with big huge Sensi! It was my challenge to get all of his big huge dick into my gob and you will just have to watch the video to see if I managed it!
I was really chuffed as it's my FIRST EVER interracial scene and boy am I glad I did it!

Here is a LINK to Daisy's Blog post about the day!
A huge thanks to Trash for the fab photo's and to Daisy and Sensi for just being hot! :D
I think I must say that Daisy and Trash are the hottest and horniest couple in UK porn! So sign up to her sexy site guys!
I'll tell you more tomorrow!
Here is a little video I did after my scene with Tony for Addiction Films.


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