Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Come fly with me...

Im in Australia!
its pretty exciting stuff really. The last few days have been mad.
on sunday i had to go down to heathrow airport for my 10pm flight which meant having to leave at like 4pm because of the train lines being crap! i had to get a bus then change onto a train halfway and then sme of the tube was shut.
bit crap but i got to go from euston to heathrow with my bestest buddie bushbaby!

it got pretty funny as we kept seeing lots of funny random stuff like:
- a man in a dressing gown and slippers
- a man that looked like the walrus from woody woodpecker
- a man that just looked funny

so we must have looked like weirdos on the train but oh well.
we got to the airport in good time and the first part of the trek began. 10 hours in the air before stopping at kuala lumpar for a 4 hour break.
i have never been on such a long flight in my life.
i ended up sleeping a good lot of it and the first bit went pretty quickly. it was realy odd as we got like 2 dinners instead of a dinner and breakfast.
next stop, kuala lumpar!
as the plane was late we had less time to waste so we got showered and then sat and chilled as we were pretty tired.
its a shame really as the airport was pretty darn cool, it even had a tropical rainforest you could go through in the middle!

ready for the second half of the trip we got on a plane headed straight for melbourne and it was the longest journey ever! it was only 7 and a half hours but it really dragged as we were bored of flying by then.
but eventually we made it and we got in at about 8.30am on tuesday morning aus time which was about 11pm on monday for you english living people!

we got to our accodmodation, my friends lovely auntie and showered then decided to nip to the offices i needed to visit.
so me and bushbaby went to see g media and feck media to sort out my shoots!
we finished up and went to federation sq for a bit before heading back and me nearly falling asleep on the train.

i was soo tired i went straight to bed at 7pm and slept for 12 hours straight with no dinner!
up the next day feeling refreshed i got ready to do my first day of shooting for feck medias website, beautiful agony and
i got to get comfy on a bed with a camera aimed at my face and then i got to wank away until i came with nobody watching!
it was really fun as it was soo easy to be myself because no one was watching!
i cant wait till both these scenes come out because they were soo natural and i love the fact that you can only see my face, you will have to imagine the rest of what i was doing!

i also did a gorgeous, cheeky photoshoot for ishotmyself in which i lay across a big old bible and played with some rosary beads, as well as myself!

after all of that i did a kind of behind the scenes video which was cool as i got to tell you all about the rude things i get upto!

i then had a quick look down nicholson street which is the best place for clothes and bars and then headed back to the house where i am currently writing this!

its nearly 8pm and im knackered already!

Thursday, 25 March 2010

Getting Ready for Australia!

Well I am most excited about going off to Australia.
I am off on Sunday and will be gone for 3 weeks in the gorgeous sun!
I will of course be blogging along the way and will keep you up to date with all the naughty things I get upto!

I will be spending half the time relaxing in the sun and holidaying and will be spending the other half working for the likes of Abby Winters, Ifeelmyself, Beautiful Agony and possibly even Girls Out West!

It's going to be one hell of a trip and I am absolutely over the moon about going!
It is somewhere I have wanted to visit for for ever.

I will also be blogging ot just about my work but everything else I get upto be it sunbathing, swimming or horse riding! (I would like to be doing all of these!)

Other things I have bee upto apart from packing, answering emails and just preparing for my trip away is juggling and unicycling.
Some of you may know that about 2 weeks ago I decided to purchase a unicycle and some juggling balls with the intention of running away to the circus...only kidding! :D

Well today I finally picked up the juggling and i could do it all day!
Im going to be posting up videos of me doing them both once I've picked them up. I think a juggling video in my unidies might be fun!

I have also just been generally very happy recently and that is all due to my fun, exciting but difficult uni course, my awesome friends and of course, you guys for leaving me the nicest messages every day!

I feel like Im on a high and im not going to let it end anytime soon!

I have just noticed my scene with Sensi is finally out so check it out HERE!

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Working for JoyBear Pictures!

Well I had the best shoot ever last week!
I managed to get a shoot with JoyBear Pictures in their new film, The London Sex Project.
JoyBear are the company who make gorgeous porn aimed at women as it is soo natural and sensual.

I found out I was going to be shooting with the luscious Daisy Rock and sexy Jamie Barry. So I got to head down to London and basically got to spend the day getting shagged silly by them both!

I think it's like my dream come true.

I will most certainly get plenty of photo's from it. We also filmed bits and pieces of myself and Daisy being a horny lesbian couple who like to go out on the pull for sexy men to get with.
Now it sure was a hot scene!

We then shot again on the Wednesday doing a party scene which is where we pulled our sexy boy.
There are two blog posts from the day on the JoyBear site HERE and HERE. It was an amazing day and even though I had managed to catch a sickness bug, I still had a very fun day indeed!

I got to chill out with Daisy, Sensi, Johnny Cockfill as well as plenty of others!
I also met the stunning Jorden Kingsley!

It was a mad day of drinking, smoking and partying, all on camera!

Saturday, 20 March 2010

SHAFTAs and other things!

So as you know I was nominated for a SHAFTA and the awards have long been and gone.
I didn't end up with a golden willy but plenty did!zz

Have a look at these links to see the full list of winners HERE and HERE on the Loaded blog.
It ended up being quite a fun night and was very nice to see so many industry folk under one roof getting drunk!

Also, I am in this months Escort DVD mag so get yourself a copy and watch me wank!
I have heard that I will be gracing the front cover of Razzle in next months issue too so I am really excited about that!
You will get to see plenty more of me there.

And a teaser trailer of myself emptying my suitcase from my shoot for Spuffco!

Another question from the Strictly Broadband team answered HERE and there is also another scene of mine up on their site too!

I also did a shoot for JoyBear Pictures which I will tell you all about in my next post!

If you are bored and fancy watching some funny videos, I HAVE to recommend one of my friends as their videos are soo funny!

There are plenty more where that came from!

Sunday, 7 March 2010

A Day of Sunshine!

Aw well I am super happy to see the sun has finally come out!
It's lovely to have some nice weather and it's even making me think about starting to do the garden again!

Thought Id share a few photo's with you.
One from my go karting - How mucky is my face!?

And a few from my shoot for Spuffco!

I must say I think Im becoming a bit of a fan of the colour pink!

I really love these two shots, I think you can tell from these that I was in quite a horny, sexy mood!

And my two favourites, one because it involves TEA!
And the other because it's a cheeky outdoors shoot! :D
Thanks to Andy for the stunning photo's!

Oh and also, check out my interview I did for ATK! You can read/see it HERE!

Thursday, 4 March 2010


This is just a short post to say thankyou very much to James who bought me The IT Crowd!
Lol I've already watched them all!
I recieved it a little while ago but kept forgetting to post about it, sorry!

And a big huge thankyou to Swen for the gorgeous watch you got me! Im guessing it was for my birthday from when it was sent :)

Oh and I also had to share with you pictures from my valentine's meal :)

Now that is how a piece of meat should look! :D

If you would like to purchase a gift for me, you can order through my Amazone WishList HERE.

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

My Birthday and working with Spuffco!

Well it was my birthday on 26th February but it seems most of you knew that! (Thanks for the birthday wishes!)
I have turned 20 so I am no longer a teen! It's kind of scary!

Here's a few pictures from our day at Saracen House!
It consisted of pillow fighting, blowjob lectures and office antics!

I then spent the week going to a fancy dress party as Thing 1 from The Cat in the Hat and then attending a mini pub golf!
I went to Cambridge for the weekend before my birthday with my mummy to get bought lots of lovely clothes!

Then on my birthday I went to Birmingham for a day of go karting!
Now I cannot recommend this enough, it was awesome!
We went to do some Off-road karting first and then went to do some indoor go karting! The off road karting was amazing fun and if you ever get the chance to go, go!
Once I get some pictures from the day Ill post them up because they were very funny! I was muddy from head to toe!

I went out for dinner (Indian obviously!) and spent the next day shopping in the Bullring. I got a lovely pair of shoes and then got taken out for lunch by my friend at this awesome place called, Around the world in 80 dishes!

The evening was spent out in town dressed in a 1950's pin up girl theme! One of my friends went and made me a birthday cake and another made me a cheesecake!

It was pretty tasty!

On Monday I had a shoot for Spuffco who are relaunching their website. I headed over to Milton Keynes again and we had a whole day of solo work!
I did a naughty set on the couch, a set on a chair, in the bedroom and even a peeing scene in the bathroom!
I also been a naughty girl and went outside with no underwear on and kept flashing to the camera! :D
We were walking in Campbell Park and I kept pulling my skirt up everytime someone had just walked past!
I must say I was absolutely knackered by the end of the day, I finished at 10.30pm and didn't get home till late.

Oh and also, I now have my own little page on WeLoveBukkake!
So far I have 3 spunky videos on there!

So I guess I have been rather busy!