Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Come fly with me...

Im in Australia!
its pretty exciting stuff really. The last few days have been mad.
on sunday i had to go down to heathrow airport for my 10pm flight which meant having to leave at like 4pm because of the train lines being crap! i had to get a bus then change onto a train halfway and then sme of the tube was shut.
bit crap but i got to go from euston to heathrow with my bestest buddie bushbaby!

it got pretty funny as we kept seeing lots of funny random stuff like:
- a man in a dressing gown and slippers
- a man that looked like the walrus from woody woodpecker
- a man that just looked funny

so we must have looked like weirdos on the train but oh well.
we got to the airport in good time and the first part of the trek began. 10 hours in the air before stopping at kuala lumpar for a 4 hour break.
i have never been on such a long flight in my life.
i ended up sleeping a good lot of it and the first bit went pretty quickly. it was realy odd as we got like 2 dinners instead of a dinner and breakfast.
next stop, kuala lumpar!
as the plane was late we had less time to waste so we got showered and then sat and chilled as we were pretty tired.
its a shame really as the airport was pretty darn cool, it even had a tropical rainforest you could go through in the middle!

ready for the second half of the trip we got on a plane headed straight for melbourne and it was the longest journey ever! it was only 7 and a half hours but it really dragged as we were bored of flying by then.
but eventually we made it and we got in at about 8.30am on tuesday morning aus time which was about 11pm on monday for you english living people!

we got to our accodmodation, my friends lovely auntie and showered then decided to nip to the offices i needed to visit.
so me and bushbaby went to see g media and feck media to sort out my shoots!
we finished up and went to federation sq for a bit before heading back and me nearly falling asleep on the train.

i was soo tired i went straight to bed at 7pm and slept for 12 hours straight with no dinner!
up the next day feeling refreshed i got ready to do my first day of shooting for feck medias website, beautiful agony and
i got to get comfy on a bed with a camera aimed at my face and then i got to wank away until i came with nobody watching!
it was really fun as it was soo easy to be myself because no one was watching!
i cant wait till both these scenes come out because they were soo natural and i love the fact that you can only see my face, you will have to imagine the rest of what i was doing!

i also did a gorgeous, cheeky photoshoot for ishotmyself in which i lay across a big old bible and played with some rosary beads, as well as myself!

after all of that i did a kind of behind the scenes video which was cool as i got to tell you all about the rude things i get upto!

i then had a quick look down nicholson street which is the best place for clothes and bars and then headed back to the house where i am currently writing this!

its nearly 8pm and im knackered already!


  1. You have been a busy girl Satine, you are going to be an international pornstar for sure. I have your "I love pornstar tweets" picture, remember that? it is all signed too. You put on the envelope "DO NOT BEND" and mr postie wrote on there "Please"?

    Above all be safe and happy always satine, don't ever loose what you are. Love to you dear have fun.

  2. Hey! :)
    Aw thats funny that the postie put that :)

    Satine xXx

  3. Read my journal and enjoyed it, but at the end of the site is also rude to me to be careful, because a colleague was seen except the wages. hehehe ...!

  4. Perhaps this is the longest written diaries and cleanest. hehehe ...!