Sunday, 7 March 2010

A Day of Sunshine!

Aw well I am super happy to see the sun has finally come out!
It's lovely to have some nice weather and it's even making me think about starting to do the garden again!

Thought Id share a few photo's with you.
One from my go karting - How mucky is my face!?

And a few from my shoot for Spuffco!

I must say I think Im becoming a bit of a fan of the colour pink!

I really love these two shots, I think you can tell from these that I was in quite a horny, sexy mood!

And my two favourites, one because it involves TEA!
And the other because it's a cheeky outdoors shoot! :D
Thanks to Andy for the stunning photo's!

Oh and also, check out my interview I did for ATK! You can read/see it HERE!


  1. Hey Satine

    How r u?

    Great pics!!!U do like haveinga mucky face dont u!!!lol x x x

  2. Very beautiful and practical!

  3. Mucky
    complete natural, playful, funny and engaging

  4. images from the 20th birthday, Satine looks very mature and experienced

  5. love to work with u

  6. Landscape and Satine in the 7th picture is a great work of Creation!

  7. Satine you are sick?
    affection you very much!

  8. Aw yes I have been sick :( Im better now though! x

  9. hello beauty and sweet satine from chile

    im 1 admirator of you--


    im disponnible for true