Thursday, 25 March 2010

Getting Ready for Australia!

Well I am most excited about going off to Australia.
I am off on Sunday and will be gone for 3 weeks in the gorgeous sun!
I will of course be blogging along the way and will keep you up to date with all the naughty things I get upto!

I will be spending half the time relaxing in the sun and holidaying and will be spending the other half working for the likes of Abby Winters, Ifeelmyself, Beautiful Agony and possibly even Girls Out West!

It's going to be one hell of a trip and I am absolutely over the moon about going!
It is somewhere I have wanted to visit for for ever.

I will also be blogging ot just about my work but everything else I get upto be it sunbathing, swimming or horse riding! (I would like to be doing all of these!)

Other things I have bee upto apart from packing, answering emails and just preparing for my trip away is juggling and unicycling.
Some of you may know that about 2 weeks ago I decided to purchase a unicycle and some juggling balls with the intention of running away to the circus...only kidding! :D

Well today I finally picked up the juggling and i could do it all day!
Im going to be posting up videos of me doing them both once I've picked them up. I think a juggling video in my unidies might be fun!

I have also just been generally very happy recently and that is all due to my fun, exciting but difficult uni course, my awesome friends and of course, you guys for leaving me the nicest messages every day!

I feel like Im on a high and im not going to let it end anytime soon!

I have just noticed my scene with Sensi is finally out so check it out HERE!


  1. Wish you excited to Australia and wrote several articles on the blog.

  2. 3 items past the log should not have sex scenes and read your blog at the company naturally, no one knows for criticism.

  3. Let me free you to work with Ifeelmyself.

  4. You understand any of that Satine? Because I didn't

  5. you will love australia!
    if you need any pointers on where to go etc shout out!

  6. You and black cock - sensational!
    As an Aussie just knowing you will be in the country gets me very hard! have a great time!