Wednesday, 3 March 2010

My Birthday and working with Spuffco!

Well it was my birthday on 26th February but it seems most of you knew that! (Thanks for the birthday wishes!)
I have turned 20 so I am no longer a teen! It's kind of scary!

Here's a few pictures from our day at Saracen House!
It consisted of pillow fighting, blowjob lectures and office antics!

I then spent the week going to a fancy dress party as Thing 1 from The Cat in the Hat and then attending a mini pub golf!
I went to Cambridge for the weekend before my birthday with my mummy to get bought lots of lovely clothes!

Then on my birthday I went to Birmingham for a day of go karting!
Now I cannot recommend this enough, it was awesome!
We went to do some Off-road karting first and then went to do some indoor go karting! The off road karting was amazing fun and if you ever get the chance to go, go!
Once I get some pictures from the day Ill post them up because they were very funny! I was muddy from head to toe!

I went out for dinner (Indian obviously!) and spent the next day shopping in the Bullring. I got a lovely pair of shoes and then got taken out for lunch by my friend at this awesome place called, Around the world in 80 dishes!

The evening was spent out in town dressed in a 1950's pin up girl theme! One of my friends went and made me a birthday cake and another made me a cheesecake!

It was pretty tasty!

On Monday I had a shoot for Spuffco who are relaunching their website. I headed over to Milton Keynes again and we had a whole day of solo work!
I did a naughty set on the couch, a set on a chair, in the bedroom and even a peeing scene in the bathroom!
I also been a naughty girl and went outside with no underwear on and kept flashing to the camera! :D
We were walking in Campbell Park and I kept pulling my skirt up everytime someone had just walked past!
I must say I was absolutely knackered by the end of the day, I finished at 10.30pm and didn't get home till late.

Oh and also, I now have my own little page on WeLoveBukkake!
So far I have 3 spunky videos on there!

So I guess I have been rather busy!


  1. Hey Satine

    How r u?

    Sounds like u had a great birthday the go karting sounds fun!!! How is work on ur website going?

    Speak Soon


  2. Happy Birthday for the 26th! Glad you had such a great time.

    Keep up the good work and keep flashing in them parks :)

    Chris x

  3. Love the part in the latest welovebukkake vid, where, between sucking cock, you put your hand over you mouth, in such a delicate lady like way.

    What a sweetheart, and a cut above the rest, keep up the great work.