Saturday, 20 March 2010

SHAFTAs and other things!

So as you know I was nominated for a SHAFTA and the awards have long been and gone.
I didn't end up with a golden willy but plenty did!zz

Have a look at these links to see the full list of winners HERE and HERE on the Loaded blog.
It ended up being quite a fun night and was very nice to see so many industry folk under one roof getting drunk!

Also, I am in this months Escort DVD mag so get yourself a copy and watch me wank!
I have heard that I will be gracing the front cover of Razzle in next months issue too so I am really excited about that!
You will get to see plenty more of me there.

And a teaser trailer of myself emptying my suitcase from my shoot for Spuffco!

Another question from the Strictly Broadband team answered HERE and there is also another scene of mine up on their site too!

I also did a shoot for JoyBear Pictures which I will tell you all about in my next post!

If you are bored and fancy watching some funny videos, I HAVE to recommend one of my friends as their videos are soo funny!

There are plenty more where that came from!


  1. sorry to hear that you didnt win musta been fixed !

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    Satine, please paste up pictures daily activities taken from a mobile phone.
    Recent time, perhaps you work a lot?
    Wish you healthy and always achieve what you want!

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