Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Working for JoyBear Pictures!

Well I had the best shoot ever last week!
I managed to get a shoot with JoyBear Pictures in their new film, The London Sex Project.
JoyBear are the company who make gorgeous porn aimed at women as it is soo natural and sensual.

I found out I was going to be shooting with the luscious Daisy Rock and sexy Jamie Barry. So I got to head down to London and basically got to spend the day getting shagged silly by them both!

I think it's like my dream come true.

I will most certainly get plenty of photo's from it. We also filmed bits and pieces of myself and Daisy being a horny lesbian couple who like to go out on the pull for sexy men to get with.
Now it sure was a hot scene!

We then shot again on the Wednesday doing a party scene which is where we pulled our sexy boy.
There are two blog posts from the day on the JoyBear site HERE and HERE. It was an amazing day and even though I had managed to catch a sickness bug, I still had a very fun day indeed!

I got to chill out with Daisy, Sensi, Johnny Cockfill as well as plenty of others!
I also met the stunning Jorden Kingsley!

It was a mad day of drinking, smoking and partying, all on camera!


  1. Bob Schlong says...

    Do you smoke, Satine?

  2. I've seen the JoyBear stuff on their website and think Liselle Bailey is probably one of the most talented (and best looking) filmakers in the business. I don't agree the fims are aimed at women, they look damn good to me! :)

    Can't wait to see the fruits of your hard day's work, I'd imagine your life will get even busier after the London Project 2 comes out x x x

  3. To stay in Australia and how many days?

  4. You have relatives in Australia?

  5. Write very much about the trip full of stimulating this!

  6. Wishes good trip, Australia is close to Vietnam!